Always Looking Forward


Always Looking Forward: A special rebroadcast of our 1500th weekly show

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What’s Happening This Week at – December 5-12, 2021

Written February 28, 2021

Hello again!

It’s still a bit difficult to believe, but this week, The Sounds of Brazil will present its 1500th weekly radio show, dating back to its broadcast debut on April 5, 1992.

Even before The Sounds of Brazil’s first show, I was already looking forward. In fact, I spent most of late-summer, the fall, and winter of 1991 filling up a pair of spiral-bound notebooks with ideas, thoughts, and goals.

But #1500 is a different kind of show, the result of nearly a month’s worth of research, planning, and programming.

Program #1500 literally looks back at the musical results of looking forward. Each spot on the playlist features a carefully chosen song to mark a special occasion or a milestone moment; in roughly 100-week intervals.

It’s natural at times like this to reflect, and with The Sounds of Brazil it’s a lot like the comfort of old friendships: We’ve been through a lot together, the highs and the lows of everyday life and many historic moments, too.

I remember thinking how exciting it would be to share Gal Costa’s beautiful voice with radio listeners who had never heard of her before. What a thrill!

That’s why I’d prefer to look forward, to anticipate ‘what’s next’ and to invite you along for The Sounds of Brazil’s 1500th show.

Happy Listening,
Scott Adams

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This week’s show:

Always Looking Forward

Hour 1:
Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme
Mountain Flight<>Toninho Horta/Diamond Land
Hit Or Miss<>Kenia/Distant Horizons
It’s Raining At Buriti Farm<>Dori Caymmi/Kicking Cans
Welcome to the Listening Lounge
Barabare<>Sergio Mendes/Brasileiro
Special Announcement

Set 2: Introduce Next Set
Serra do Luar<>Leila Pinheiro/Outras Caras
Spirits Of The Forest<>Leo Gandelman/Visions
Introduce Next Song
I’m Not Alone (Who Loves You?)<>Ivan Lins/I’m Not Alone
My Only Passion<>Marcos Ariel/My Only Passion
Sonho do Brasil<>Slowdown/Retrospectives
Special Announcement

Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song
Madalena<>Elis Regina/Personalidade
Away<>Jeff Gardner/Sky Dance
Arainha (Fly Love)<>Carlinhos Brown/Rio 2 Soundtrack

Always Looking Forward

Hour 2:
Set 1:

Tristeza De Nos Dois<>Luiz Eca/Bossa Nova-Sua Historia
Rio<>Marcela Mangabeira/Simples
Welcome To Our Second Hour
Ocean Way<>Torcuato Mariano/Last Look
Double Face<>Deodato & Al Jarreau/The Crossing
Special Announcement

Set 2: Brazil Back2Back: Liner Note Legacy
Dunas<>Rosa Passos/Festa
Asa<>Lee Ritenour & Djavan/World of Brazil
Introduce Next Set
Chega De Saudade<>Joao Gilberto/Legendary Joao Gilberto
Sensual Bossa<>Caibedo Island/Caibedo Tale
Be The Change<>Jarrod Lawson/Be The Change
Special Announcement

Set 3: Introduce Final Set
Diga<>Luciana Araújo/Diga
Quiet Moments<>Lonnie Liston Smith/Exotic Mysteries
Let Your Love Rise<>Fabiana Passoni/Let Your Love Rise

~ ~ ~

Next Week: Our annual December theme, ‘My Favorite Things’ continues with the Legacy and Alchemy of Brazilian Jazz.

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Always Looking Forward