Brazil’s Visa Policy Targets US Travelers

Brazil Wants To See Your Bank Account.

Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers and it’s a stunner.

Editor’s note: We love Brazilian music, its people, and its culture. And because you place your trust in us, we are obligated to provide you with the facts surrounding this story.

Since 2019, the only visa you needed for your next trip to Brazil was the one you already had in your wallet. However, US travelers will need to apply for an electronic Visa to visit the land of Samba and Sun.

Brazil’s new policy goes into effect on January 10, 2024, and also applies to visitors from Canada, and Australia.

Simply put, citizens of these countries will have to apply for (and pay for) a short-term visa to be able to travel and remain in Brazil for up to 90 days from the date of entry. This new visa will stay in effect for 10 years for US citizens and five years for Canadian and Australian travelers.

However, one requirement made by the Government of Brazil has many seeing red instead of green, yellow, blue, and white. Brazil’s new policy requires each individual to submit their bank account information as part of their visa submission process.

Specifically, Brazil asks for two consecutive months of bank statements showing a minimum account balance of US $2,000.00.


Why Has Brazil Taken This Step?

Visaless entry was part of a policy shift by Brazil’s President Bolsonaro during the Trump administration. The result was an increase of nearly 35% in visitors to Brazil from these countries, before the worldwide COVID crisis.

At the time, Marcelo Alvaro Antônio, Minister of Tourism stated “This is one of the most important achievements of the Brazilian tourism industry in the last 15 years and we are confident that it will be extremely beneficial to the country. This is the first step; we still have much to celebrate,” he said.

However, the celebrations may be over, now that Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers.

Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers via ‘Reciprocity ‘

That announcement came as part of meetings and a joint press conference given by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and President Donald Trump at the White House on March 18-19, 2019.

It marked an important turnaround in the relationship between the two largest countries in our hemisphere, which had soured since the Obama Administration’s NSA spying scandal in 2015.

The scandal caused Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff to cancel her planned State Dinner in Washington, DC. The prestigious visit would have been the first for a Brazilian President since 1991.

And in an important break from the past, neither offer was conditional. However, Brazil’s ruling Worker Party platform (led by President Lula da Silva) dictates that countries that require restrictions upon Brazilian travelers be treated in the same manner.

This approach is called reciprocity. This term is common among the nations of the world. President Lula Da Silva’s Government refers to the action as “equality”.

Brazil Is Still A Bargain…

…If you care to share your personal information. Connect Brazi readers know that Brazil is a ‘best-kept secret’ when it comes to popular and affordable travel destinations.

America’s economy is stronger than Brazil’s means the currency exchange rate will help your dollar go much farther.

Today’s exchange rate between the Brazilian Real and the US Dollar is almost 5 to 1. Put another way, you’ll pay about .20 for something that costs a dollar in Brazil.

Couple that with literally dozens of daily flights and an almost endless list of places to go and things to do, and it is difficult to understand why Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers.

As a result, fewer people will find themselves on the beach in Ipanema, exploring the Amazon, or visiting the immersive culture of Bahia.

So, here’s a question: If Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers on January 10th, will it remain on your bucket list until it is lifted?

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Brazil’s visa policy targets US travelers

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