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Featured for 2023: The Brazilian Minute

The Brazilian Minute is an episodic library of weekly stories which feature interesting people, places and events in Brazilian history and culture. Each weekly story is presented in an entertaining and concise format for internet publication and for social sharing, plus an audio version for streaming, podcast, on-demand and broadcast distribution. The Brazilian Minute is dynamic, easily informative, and fun. Each story promotes a greater appreciation of Brazil here in Chicago, the Midwest and across the United States. [View all episodes] [Request more information]

The Brazilian Minute: A flagship platform for Brazil's Bicetennial celebration funded by the Consulate-General of Brazil in Chicago and the Brazilian Foreign Ministry’s Cultural Department.

Audio Ads

This is where we combine your story with your music to create a compelling and inspiring soundtrack. We provide 500 minimum total plays (on three Brazilian music channels of your choice) at, plus Connect Brazil’s live streaming station and syndicated radio) to support your project.

The :30 Audio Ad option includes: Geo-targeted audio advertising (with banner and website link) on your choice of 12 Brazilian Music channels at Audio advertising on The Sounds of Brazil’s ‘live’ streaming station and syndicated weekly radio show.

Initial, basic production is included in every audio ads package. [Learn more]

Brazil Back2Back

America's most passionate Brazilian music fans love this special segment during The Midday Show on Connect Brazil’s live streaming station. Always two in a row and always two of a kind, Brazil Back2Back is heard at the top of the hour, at 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm (US Central) every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. [Listen Live] [Make a request]

CD Giveaway

Connect Brazil’s fan-based CD-giveaway promotions make a great impression with our listeners: Grow your email list and develop musical relationships with this 10-day national streaming- and broadcast-based promotion. Fans enter by email to win a signed, personalized copy of your CD. Minimum of five CD prizes required. Minimum of 250 promotional announcements via socials, on-air and online.

Connect Brazil

Music, travel, friends, and fun! Connect Brazil was created for fans of Brazilian music and culture, and to support the musicians, businesses and services who create everything we love. We seek out the best of Brazil and share it with everyone we meet.

We are travelers, music lovers, and curious explorers. We eat, we drink, we make great memories! We use our passion and expertise to inspire new and exciting experiences for Brazil Nuts like us. Add a little more Brazil to your life! [Read our story]

Connect Brazil This Week

Connect Brazil This Week is our entertainment and events digest published every Sunday and distributed via our homepage and socials. Advertising options include sponsored and promoted editorial, Cover Story positioning, music video placement, banner and display ads, and event listing promotion. Every edition includes a special weekly recorded promo on the page. [Read past issues] [Learn more]

Editorial and Feature Articles

Unique.’s award-winning editorial content brings your story to life in fresh and unexpected ways, so that it’s ready to be discovered by people who are passionate about what you have to offer. [Trending Stories] [Learn more]

Options include native, promoted, sponsored and branded content in single-story, longform and thematic StoryStream formats, and delivered for organic SEO.

Search Engine Rankings Explained

Event Listings

Virtual or right next door, Connect Brazil Event listings are always free. Get your event in front of people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Unlike Facebook, our listings are never ‘throttled’ to reduce effectiveness unless you pay. Connect Brazil event listings are often picked up by Google’s event’s search engine, too. [View Events] [Post your event for free]

Lifestyle Directory

List your business, then let us put you in touch with America’s most informed and engaged audiences - coast to coast and right next door. Connect Brazil’s Lifestyle Directory provides you with a free (zero-cost) basic business listing featuirng Yelp integration for reviews and ratings. No credit card is required. You control information and media content, real-time reporting and lead generation, plus keyword and SEO for your unique brand. [Browse the Directory] [Create your free listing]

Ask us about managing your listing for a small fee. [Learn more]

A Minute's Worth of Music

One of our most popular daily streaming features is also one of the most effective ways to promote new music and catalog titles. A brief introduction leads into your song, concluding 60 seconds later with a short informational message for your website.

This low-key and entertaining approach to music advertising carries impressive impact. Nearly 60% of listeners recall information while anticipating repeat listening. A Minute’s Worth of Music is heard several times daily on our live streaming station and during our syndicated weekly show, The Sounds of Brazil.

Ask us for more information. [Contact Us][Click here for an example]

Streaming Music Network

Connect Brazil’s streaming and broadcast music network is free for listeners and available worldwide. It includes 12 streaming channels at plus The Sounds of Brazil’s ‘live’ streaming radio station is carried by,, Roku, and countless streaming services.

Geo-targetiqng of audio advertising is available with a link to the website of your choice. [Explore our channels here] [Learn more]

'Live' Streaming Station

Always live, always free, America’s only professionally-licensed streaming radio station for Brazilian music and culture is partnered with Live365, carried by TuneIn and Roku, and syndicated to 300+ streaming outlets, worldwide. Daily programs include The Midday Show with Scott Adams, the jazzy and chill Quiet Nights, Saturday’s Bossa Nova Breeze and The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. Streaming in lossless, crystal-clear digital, you’ll hear a jazzy blend of Breezy Bossas plus crossover hits from both sides of the equator. [Listen Live] [Make a request]

Advertising options include sponsored segments plus :15, :30 and :60 audio ads, billboards and live reads. [Learn more]


Think of your Connect Brazil Storystream as the hub of a spoked wheel. It anchors the stories we create for you by linking them together (and to each other) on a single page. The result is easier reading for interested fans plus advanced support for higher search engine rankings with Google, Bing , Yahoo and Duck Duck Go. [Example] [Learn more]

The Sounds of Brazil

2022 marks The Sounds of Brazil’s 30th anniversary as America’s most popular syndicated commercial radio show for Brazilian music and culture. Dynamic, exciting, and highly addictive, host Scott Adams takes listeners on a two-hour musical adventure with each weekly show. The sea, the sun and The Sounds of Brazil, heard four times daily on Connect Brazil’s streaming station, is carried by,, Roku, by countless streaming services, and weekly via local affiliates coast to coast and worldwide. [Browse our weekly shows] [Make a request]

Advertising options include sponsored segments plus :15, :30 and :60 audio ads, billboards, and live reads. [Learn more]

Video Music Showcases

Scheduled evenly throughout the year, Connect Brazil’s Video Music Showcases are perfect for a new album or single, or concert or virtual event. And because every participant shares the Showcase with their followers, you’ll find new fans to grow your mailing list. Reach America's most passionate and engaged fans, plus media and social influencers, too. Affordable and effective, Connect Brazil Showcases are always scalable to meet your budget and your goals.

Each Showcase listing includes your video and thumbnail description, plus links for retail, website, streaming, and social pages. [View Upcoming Lists] [Browse Past Lists]