Mumuzinho’s Personal Positivity

Brazilian singer Mumuzinho

A brush with death only underscores this popular pagode star’s belief.

Mumuzinho’s personal positivity is irresistible; so, if you like being around optimistic people with a real zest for life, catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro and meet up with the samba singer named Mumuzinho. You can thank us later.

The 37-year-old samba singer and actor channels good cheer into his music so often that you can count on his cheerful perspective to shine through the lyrics of every song he sings.

Keeping the Faith

It’s 180-degrees from the message he gets from some of his urban American counterparts, and from TV shows like Big Brother Brazil. “Humility, being down to earth, recognizing the pain of others: I see that you are not having love for humanity,” he said. “Even for my worst enemy, I would not wish evil. This is my indignation with BBB as it does not match my own education.”

As a departure from his familiar pagode style, Mumuzinho’s current album Playlist is dedicated purely to love songs, and he says that even these romantic themes cane be uplifting. “A romantic song brings a great truth, which is the sensitivity that matches romanticism,” he told F5’s Martha Alves recently.

He notes that this kind of optimism is in great need during the pandemic, which was an inspiration for the album. He knows from personal experience.

Mumuzinho’s personal positivity meets COVID’s challenge

During the Chinese pandemic, Mumuzinho was diagnosed with COVID-19 and while hospitalized, developed pneumonia. “When I entered the hospital and the doctor said that I was positive with Covid-19 and that 50% of my lung was compromised, at that moment I got scared and thought I was going to die because you don’t expect to receive such news. At that moment, we get weaker,” recalled the singer.

Mumuzinho’s acting skill comes in handy with the video clips created for Playlist. A big fan of Eddie Murphy, the Brazilian star says that he wanted to perform each of his video characters in the style of the American actor and comedian.

Clips from Playlist were released weekly on Mumuzinho’s YouTube channel.

Starting as a background singer before launching his solo career, Mumuzinho is currently a judge for TV Globo’s highly successful The Voice +: Brasil.

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Count how many Eddie Murphy-based characters Mumuzinho recreates in this video!