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Fan Feedback

Brazilian music's most passionate listeners share thier stories.

Just like you and me, Brazilian music fans love all kinds of music and have a wide variety of interests. They turn to Connect Brazil for a Brazilian break.

Let's meet a few of them.

Scott Adams, Creative Director
Connect Brazil

Thank you for all your hard work over the years! It is a pleasure to hear, learn and love about music from the land of paradise lived. Ever grateful.

- Cynthia Cooper, Bolingbrook IL

I wanted to thank you for writing two such terrific articles: Spring Fever Sambas Music Showcase including Michael Ross and 'Secret Entrance to Your Heart' – and 'Brazilian Jazz From Chicago’s Michael Ross'.
The way you spotlighted Michael and the song was so lovely to read and can be so helpful in the new record gaining popularity. We greatly appreciate it. Thanks always for your support for my songwriting.

- Scott Fivelson, Los Angeles, CA

Today is the first time I have listened to your streaming station and am checking out I have spent quite a bit of time in Brasil, and I have to say, your station and streaming channels like BossaNovaville are fantastic! And the quality of your blog posts and articles is outstanding. The music brings back many memories, and stuff I haven't heard before is just great. Thank you!

- Mick, Crofton, MD

Hello again Scott! I was thinking of you a couple of weeks ago when I bought tickets for Phil Fest here in Sarasota next month. Wouldn’t you know it, a few days later you write about him in Connect Brazil!

- Ron Shayka, Sarasota, FL

I'm from Washington DC. I've been listening to The Sounds of Brazilfor over 20 years. It has been a Wonderful part of my life. Scott Adams, all I have to say to you and your amazing staff is thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My daughter just turn 24 on May 8 of 2021 and I raised her on your wonderful playlist. Her name is Kenya. Again, Thank You.

Bruce Pugh, Washington, DC

As I listen to The Sounds of Brazil DAILY, I have enjoyed listening to the song, "Away" from Jeff Gardner's album that was played throughout the years but could never find it online ..... until now. CONTINUED THANKS for introducing us to such GREAT Music.

- Hamilton Hayes, Dallas, TX

GREAT JOB! I have never heard a bad song from you! Thank you.

- Jamey Ballard, Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for the background of “The Waters of March”. It is one of my favorite Brazilian and American songs. I never realized how famous it is.

- Ray Konrath, Hickory Hills, IL

Scott, you did it again! You outdid yourself with Sunday's Sounds of Brazil. Every song led right into the next. 'Only a Dream in Rio' is my new favorite. I'm still dancing around my house. SAMBA! Looking forward to next week!

- Michael Grandinetti, Chicago, IL

That was exactly the tune I was searching for! Now I have another new musician to follow. And thanks for placing me on your mailing list! Thank You.

- Paul Kaufman, Chicago, IL

I am really enjoying your website! Thank you for the amazing content that you provide. The music is splendid and inspiring. Can I send you one of my songs? I am a French Canadian singer-songwriter who fell in love with the Brazilian culture and I have just released my first song in Portuguese! I would love to receive your comments. Thank You.

- Marie Angel, Montreal, QC

Wow, I just want to say thank you again for the Father's Day shoutout for my dad yesterday! He was sooooo shocked - tears may have been shed 🙂 Thank you for helping make this Father's Day so special for my family, it's a memory we will never forget! Thank You.

- Meeghan Fuhr, Chicago, IL

The Sounds of Brazil's syndicated show SOUNDS GREAT! I have NO idea why it took me this long to stream it. It's a perfect compliment to what we're doing!. Thank You.

- Michael Tozzi, Program Director,, Philadelphia, PA

The Sounds of Brazil's syndicated show SOUNDS GREAT! I have NO idea why it took me this long to stream it. It's a perfect compliment to what we're doing!. Thank You.

- Michael Tozzi, Program Director,, Philadelphia, PA

Your 'Brazil On The Grill' section opened up a world of flavor for this backyard weekend warrior. You even guided me to a great book on Brazilian grilling plus a music playlist to make our gathering special. Fantastic!

- David Gentill, Phoenix, AZ

I am a Video Producer from Brazil, São Paulo, and I am always recommending Connectbrazil to all my Brazilian and American friends. You stream the best of the Brazilian music. Your Brazilian musical repertory is excellent and you guys that select it, have a very good taste.

I also like the layout of your site. It defines quality, engages interest and the credibility of the online reader. The faster, the better. The clearer, the more absorbing. All this... plus the hot, spicy and shaking Brazilian lifestyle... the authentic one, as you guys have always showed up in And for that, I really want to thank you very much.

- Renata Carone, São Paulo, Brazil

Thanks Scott! I listen to The Sounds of Brazil on WDCB in Chicago every weekend. I love it. Thanks too for the chance to explore more of the Brazilian culture and entertainment options that you recommend. You are filling a need and doing a good thing. I hope what you do is a tremendous success and for a long time for that matter. Thanks again.

- Peter Economos, Chicago, IL

I am a Canadian jazz guitarist, currently based in Geneva. I have appreciated The Sounds of Brazil since I began listening back in 2000. I have to say that I discovered so many great Brazilian artists from your site, so I have to say thank you. Many thanks and keep up the great work!

-Lee Hutchinson, Geneva, Switzerland

Never thought I'd hear such great music on radio! You guys are ace programmers. Loved Djavan earlier ... Bossa, all over the eastern Ontario woods. Truly, endless thanks for your streaming station on

-Gary Dunford, Combermere, ON

Thank you, thank you, thank you for streaming station and music channels at so I can listen here in North Carolina. I am so thankful because I just didn’t know what I was going to do without your radio show ‘The Sounds of Brazil’ once I moved from Washington DC. Keep it up.

- Cherita Robinson, Henderson, NC

I'm a long-time fan of the Sounds of Brazil and used to listen to it in Chicago. I'm now in northeast Kansas and it's good to know I can still stay in touch with both the show (via your excellent streaming station) and the lifestyle (via Now, we’re planning a ‘bucket list’ trip to see Marisa Monte with Tribalistas! Thanks, again!

- Maurice Wright, Topeka, KS

Love The Sounds of Brazil! Been a fan since you were on 95.5 WNUA.

- David Pitts, Chicago, IL

Big fan of Connect Brazil and I listen to hours of music streams, too. Best to all of you!

- Barbara Kerans, Rochester, MI

My wife & I went to Galveston for the Memorial Day weekend and I really enjoyed listening to your streaming station while lounging next to the Gulf of Mexico. I just like listening. sipping a cold beer and just relaxing. Keep up the good work!

- Sean Chaffin, Rockwall, TX

My love for this music has been tremendously enhanced due to ‘The Sounds of Brazil’. Scott Adams has a wonderful personality and musical knowledge, and its ushered me into the world of Brazilian and Bossa Nova music. The style is unique and riveting, intriguing and yet, each time I hear it, it makes me want to be in Rio at night by the beach, sitting at a table or on the sand, drinking some exotic mixture. Thanks for expanding my horizons!

- Analeise Anderson, Minneapolis, MN

Hello People!!!! What a nice music you’ve got for us. I like so much your internet programs. Go on!!!, you are the best, even the best between Brazilian networks. I’ll be there listening to you everyday. Thank you and bye, bye.

- Adriana Senas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plainly said, "EXCELLENT". I listen to your streaming network daily, on the way to work, during the day and with ‘Quiet Nights’ to wind down. A little touch of class mellows my mood and prepares me for the work day ahead. And your articles keep me informed and interested! Thanks.

- David Fischer, Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I'm Brazilian and I would love to receive your e-letters. Thank you very much for all the support and wonderful promotion of this beautiful and refined music from Brazil.

- Loren Oliveira, Miami, FL

I clicked over to the other day to catch ‘The Sounds of Brazil’ and was transformed to another world soft, tropical nights and hot sun filled days... and found out that there was yet another side to my personality! I will continue to listen and follow your recommendations!

- Sandy Rimes, Wheeling, IL

Hi from Birmingham, England. Just picked up your streaming channels at and I’ve found a new favorite: Café Copacabana! Great music. Really enjoyed listening to your great sounds. I just love Brazilian music.

- Len Morris, Great Britain

I didn't get to thank you for your travel tips to Rio last spring, PERFECT. Even our concierge was impressed with your restaurant selection. “How do you know about that place?” It was for Copacabana’s ‘Trattoria’. Also, I wanted to thank you for all these 26 years of programming Brazilian music. You've always been there, and I'm so grateful.

- Saundra Grandes, Washington DC

This has got to be the best streaming station ever! You have a wonderful selection of Brazilian music and I enjoy every minute of your mid-day show and The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. I grew up listening to Jobim, Marisa Monte, Jorge Vercillo and Leila Pinheiro. All the great laid back, beautiful music. Thank God that I have just discovered you guys.

- Joe, Copenhagen, Norway

I reserve Sunday afternoons to listen to The Sounds of Brazil. Thank you for a wonderful program each week. Thank you.

- Beth Kruse, Racine, WI

Just a note to say how much I enjoy your website, music and tips – because of your recommendations, I "found" a great Brazilian restaurant last year and am now addicted! Keep up the great work.

- Steve Webster, South Bend, IN

Why do I love Brazilian music?...OMG! is there any more sensual and exquisitely crafted music on the planet? No. The melodies, harmonics, rhythms, and arrangements of Brazilian music are sublime. I LOVE this music and can't imagine living without it!

- Dan Prince, Los Angeles, CA

I've only been listening to your streaming station less than a week, but I'm hooked! It's great to be able to hear the music I love at any time. There’s nothing like it. Not Spotify, not Sirius, not Pandora.

I found several channels on AccuRadio, then discovered that you program those, too! Awesome. Keep it coming, and please send me your e-letter, too! Thank you again.

- Paula Luongo, Mastic Beach, NY

Your site has really 'grown up' over this last year and it is very enjoyable to visit. I work several months of the year in Kenya and Tanzania and I always 'tune in' to the Connectbrazil streams, so when I'm not able to listen to the radio broadcast in my home town, I listen to you in the Internet while in Africa!

- Jim Gearity, Washington, DC

Wow! Thanks so very much for your 'Brazilian Christmas' programming. My wife and I came across it last night and we listened for hours. Since she is from Brazil, she really appreciates the touch of home it brought to us. We love your website, so keep up the good work!

- David and Simone Nelson, Miami, FL

I really enjoy The Sounds of Brazil and am turning my 27-year-old son on to Brazilian music, so maybe we can start the craze all over again! And I've expanded my listening to many more new names. Stay warm in Chicago and keep up the good work. Like manna from heaven - what you're doing is keeping Brazilian and culture music alive and well in the USA.

- John Deleo, Dade City, Fl