Rosa Passos: Sunday Favorites


Delicately creative on her own terms, Rosa Passos possesses the voice of a worldly angel: Her phrasing can be Bossa smooth or decidedly jazzy, sometimes trailing off to the point where the end of a phrase comes only as an unshakable sense of suggestion.

Happy Birthday Rosa Passos

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Rosa Passos’ talent thrives in nuance. Her rhythmic sense is relaxed and unhurried and unlike many Brazilian vocalists her delivery is natural, understated, pure in tone. The guitar is her companion and this graceful union has charted its own course, garnering praise and recognition from musicians and critics at each turn. Most telling are the fans – legion in number and worldwide.

It’s her birthday on Monday, so we’ll get a head start by celebrating when we get together for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch.

For instance, her album ‘Samba Dobrado’ (from 2013) is a revealtion… a tribute to the music of Djavan. Each of the 13 songs are crafted with her easy sense of timing. Simply put, the album swings with tropcial grace and Djavan’s songs are the perfect vehicle for her jazzy style. Copies of the import CD are expensive at Amazon, but you’ll find the download at iTunes.

The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at
The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at


Several years ago, Rosa Passos experienced a special ‘cap and gown’ moment at Boston’s Breklee School of Music, which presented her with a Doctorate in Music. She performed that day, too.

If you’re not familiar with Rosa Passos, you’re in for a real treat when you when you tune in this Sunday beginning at 5 am Central on our streaming station, and again at 9 am, 2 pm and 8 pm.

Scott Adams

So relax, re-live and revive with me on Sunday for a collection of early fan favorites that you’ll love to re-discover. And, please, drop a quick ‘hello’ in the Chat Box. Youre always welcome!

See you Sunday!
– Scott Adams

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