The Brazilian Side of Nancy Wilson

Legacy & Alchemy’s Alexandra Jackson remembers the Brazilian side of Nancy Wilson with a personal reflection, a story and an invitation for Monday’s Brazil Back2Back on our streaming station at!

The Brazilian Side of Nancy Wilson at

The Brazilian side of Nancy Wilson? Alexandra Jackson says she remains a true icon for any style of music.

Legacy & Alchemy’s Alexandra Jackson sent us this tribute to one of her all-time favorite vocalists:

I think Nancy Wilson should probably be a “course” option to all music students in college.

Every song of hers is unlike any other singer’s version. She consistently makes me say, “WOW.” towards the ends of her storytelling.

Take her version of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘Wave’, for example. Not many people know that it was Jobim himself who created those beautiful English lyrics, almost as if they were written to perfectly show off the Brazilian side of Nancy Wilson.

One of my favorite songs by her, that I first really “heard” in college, was “Guess Who I Saw Today”.

I can still remember the intensity in which I listened to her paint the story canvas with her voice and lyrics. It was if I was watching a movie through sound.

I knew how the song’s story ended, and yet, I listened in such awe as if I was hearing it for the first time. That’s really true for Nancy Wilson’s version of ‘Wave’, too.

To top it off, she was a beautiful lady inside (and out). As she was friends of my parents, I’ve had the honor of meeting her. Her grace and warmth were apparent and that clearly overflows into her brilliant music.

The Brazilian side of Nancy Wilson is captured on her 1968 album, Easy. The album’s opening track was Jobim’s ‘Wave’ and the album’s closing track was his ‘How Insensitive’. She also recorded ‘One Note Samba’, ‘The Boy from Ipanema’ and ‘Quiet Nights (Corcovado)’.

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A ‘Tuesday Live ‘ Invitation

So, I’ll end my thoughts on the Brazilian side of Nancy Wilson with an invitation.’s Scott Adams suggested that Tuesday’s Brazil Back2Back on his streaming radio station should showcase both Nancy and my versions of ‘Quiet Nights’!

Nancy Wilson’s version comes from one of her most successful albums. How Glad I Am reached #4 on the Billboard 200 and remained on the charts for 31 weeks.

My version from Legacy & Alchemy is a duet with Ivan Lins and features lost tracks from trumpeter Miles Davis and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Both versions are unique. I hope you’ll listen Tuesday (12/18), top of the hour at 11 am and 2 pm Central time. The PLAY button is at the bottom of this page.

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