Zizi and Luiza Possi: Mother & Child Reunion

Zizi and Luiza Possi - A Mother and Child Reunion at Connectbrazil.com

Zizi & Luiza Possi: Turns out that Paul Simon was right. A Mother & Child Reunion is only a motion away.

by Scott Adams

‘Hand me down’ vocal talent from mothers to their daughters is commonplace in Brazilian music: Joyce Moreno and her daughter Clara, Miucha and Bebel, and Elis Regina with Maria Rita come to mind.

But another Mother and daughter bond is about to make a bit of musical history.

Zizi and Luiza Possi have sung together on several occasions, on Brazilian TV shows, in studio sessions and even on stage as special guests.

Soon they will share the stage in Sao Paulo as a single act, for the very first time.

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It’s been a long time coming, but not without thought.

The plans were first laid in 2008 with Mom debuted her Cantos & Contos concerts which featured a stellar lineup of special guests.

Zizi Possi performed with Ivan Lins, Alcione, João Bosco, Ana Carolina, Roberto Menescal… and her daughter Luisa. Two years later, the best moments were captured and released on a pair of DVDs.

Now, 11 years later this dream of a Mother and Daughter concert will finally come together on May 11, 2019. That’s Mother’s Day weekend in both the USA and Brazil.

If all goes as planned, expect a tour for Brazilian venues shortly thereafter.

Billed as ‘Zizi and Luiza Possi’, the concert event was also the result of insistent fan requests and one more ‘real-life’ reason.

First-time Mom

Luiza – at 34 – is five months pregnant with her first child, known to be a boy who will be named Lucca.

“When we get pregnant, our relationship with our mother changes,” she said recently. “Today, I feel a need to honor my mother, my roots. Now is the right time for this show.”

An Evening To Celebrate

What can we expect? Songs from the composers of Brazilian MPB. It looks like Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento are part of the set list, which is mere weeks away.

“Let’s sing our repertoires, not only Gonzaguinha and Ivan Lins”, says Luiza, who has put her flour-free diet on hold for a few more months. “I’m enjoying the vibe of being pregnant. I like everything right now, even hamburgers. “

Zizi & Luiza Possi
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tom Brasil
Rua Bragança Paulista, 1281
Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo, SP 04727-002

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Phone: 55 11 4003-1212

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