Brazilian singer Zeca Baleiro
MPB singer Zeca Baleiro is a frequent Latin Grammy awards nominee. This year he is nominated for Best Brazilian Popular Music Album.


Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2021 will learn of their fortune when the awards are handed out on Thursday, November 18th.

by Scott Adams

Last year? We lamented the on-again, off-again nature of the Latin Grammys when it comes to properly considering the music of Brazil.

The predominantly Spanish-centric focus is understandable, but we think it is not equitable considering the variety and sophisticated nature of the Latin world’s largest country.

Were they were listening? Because this year’s list more properly reflects the wide range of both established and emerging musical talent from the land of samba and sun.

In addition to the categories set aside for Portuguese Language nations, 2021 brings Brazilian nominees for several of the top pop categories.  Which ones? ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’ and – for the first in time in what seems like ages – ‘Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album’, albeit with a single entry from Brazil.

Let’s look at several of Brazil’s 51 entries, followed by the entire list.

Record of The Year

Caetano Veloso is nominated for ‘Record of the Year’ with the song ‘Talvez’, released on his birthday in 2020. It was recorded in a livestream event as a duet with his son, Tom, who also penned the lyrics. When asked to comment, Veloso the elder said “Tom has a talent for putting words to music similar to that of the best samba-canções lyricists of the 1940s.”

Album of the Year

Nana Caymmi’s Nana, Tom and Vinicius album is a welcome entry for Brazil in this field of 10 nominees. This ‘Jobim & Vinicius’ songbook collection reflects her affinity for the music of Jobim. Why? Because these two families are generationally intertwined, musically and otherwise, brother Dori’s ties, too. Tellingly, he acts as music director and arranger for the project, and plays acoustic guitar on the songs, too.

Best New Artist

If this paragraph serves as your introduction to Giulia Be, then it’s only because it’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle. The story goes that she found her way backstage to Maroon 5’s dressing room at Rock In Rio in 2017. She ended up singing ‘She Will Be Loved’ with them and made the decision to pursue a singing career. Two years later, Giulia Be was performing on the same stage for 2019’s Rock in Rio. She sings in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Best Latin Jazz/ Jazz Album

Antonio Adolfo spent half a year researching Milton Nascimento’s original songs for his album, BruMa. Empathy and respect for his musical relationship with Nascimento are revealed in each of the album’s nine titles. This is a standout among the many Nascimento homages we’ve enjoyed over the years. Bruma is a worthy contender (and amazingly, the only Brazilian entry) in a crowded field of nominees. Last year, there were none.


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Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese Language

Listeners to our live streaming station are familiar with every name on this list. We feature each of these musicians every day. The duo Anavitoria, singer/songwriter Vitor Kley and Fernanda Taki are well-known. Nando Reis and Duda Beat teamed up for their nomination this year and newcomer Tuyo is someone to keep an ear on. All worthy contenders for the award this year.

Best Brazilian Popular Music Album

Here’s a Brazilian tapestry that exemplifies the creative nature of Brazilian song. There’s Luedji Luna’s mesmerizing ‘Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo d’Água’ and Delia Fischer’s voice and piano artistry on HOJE. Or Zeca Baleiro’s ‘old-school’ vocal warmth, and ​​Thiago Holanda’s jazzy, piano-driven Brazilian bop on ‘Temo de Viver’. Don’t overlook Ze Manoel’s artistic, acoustic Do Meu Coração Nu.

Complete list of Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2021

Record of the Year

“Talvez” – Caetano and Tom Veloso

Album of the Year

“Nana, Tom and Vinicius” – Nana Caymmi

New artist

Giulia Be

Best Instrumental Album

“Cristovão Bastos and Rogério Caetano” – Cristovão Bastos and Rogério Caetano

“Canto da Praya Ao Vivo” – Hamilton De Holanda and Mestre personality duo

Toquinho and Yamandu Costa – Bachianinha (Live at Rio Montreux Jazz Festival” – Toquinho and Yamandu Costa)

Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

“Bruma: Celebrating Milton Nascimento” – Antonio Adolfo

Best Christian Music Album (Spanish Language)

“Redencion” – Aline Barros 7 time LG winner

Best Christian Music Album (Portuguese Language)

“Catarse: Lad B” – Daniela Araújo

“Sarah Farias (Ao Vivo)” – Sarah Farias

“Seguir Teu Coração” – Anderson Freire

“Sentido” – Leonardo Gonçalves

“Eli Soares 10 Anos” – Eli Soares

Best Music Video Short Version

“Reza Forte” – BaianaSystem Featuring BNegão

Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese Language

“Cor” – Anavitoria

“A Bolha” – Vitor Kley

“Duda Beat & Nando Reis” – Nando Reis & Duda Beat

“Será Que Você Vai Acreditar?” – Fernanda Takai

“Chegamos Sozinhos Em Casa, Vol. 1″ – Tuyo

Best Rock or Alternative Music Album in Portuguese Language

“Album Roae” – A Cor Do Som

“Emidoinã” – André Abujamra

“OXEAXEEXU” – BaianaSystem

“Assim Tocam Meus Tambores” – Marcelo D2

“Fôlego” – Scalene

“O Bar Me Chama” – Velhas Virgens

Best Samba/Pagode Album

“Rio: Só Vendo A Vista” – Martinho Da Vila

“Sempre Se Pode Sonhar” – Paulinho Da Viola

“Nei Lopes, Projeto Coisa Fina e Guga Stroeter no Black Tie Pagode” – Nei Lopes, Coisa Fina Project and Guga Stroeter

“Samba de Verão” – Diogo Nogueira

“Onze (Múscias Inéditas De Adoniran Barbosa)” (Various Artists) – Lucas Mayer (producer)

Best Brazilian Popular Music Album

“Canções D’Além Mar” – Zeca Baleiro

“H.O.J.E.” – Delia Fischer

“Tempo De Viver” – ​​Thiago Holanda

“Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo d’Água” – Luedji Luna

“Do Meu Coração Nu” – Zé Manoel

Best Sertaneja Music Album

“Tempo de Romance” – Chitãozinho and Xororó

“Daniel Em Casa” – Daniel

“Patroas” – Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraísa

“Conqistas” – Os Barões de Pisadinha

“Pra Ouvir No Fone” – Michel Teló

Best Roots Music Album in Portuguese Language

“Sambadeiras” – Luiz Caldas

“Do Coração” – Sara Correia

“Orin A Lingua Dos Anjos” (Afrosymphonic Orchestra) – André Magalhães & Ubiratan Marques (producers)

“Eu e Vocês” – Elba Ramalho

“Arraiá da Veveta” – Ivete Sangalo

Best Song in Portuguese Language

“A Cidade” (Chico Chico and João Mantuano) – João Pedro de Araújo Silva, Pedro Fonseca da Costa Silva, Marcos Same, Francisco Ribeiro Eller, Luiz Ungarelli & Lucas Videla (composers)

“Amores e Flores” (Melim) – Diogo Melim & Rodrigo Melim (composers)

“Espera A Primavera” (Nando Reis) – Nando Reis (composer)

“Lágrima de Alegria” (Maneva & Natiruts) – Tales De Polli & Deko (composers)

“Lisboa” (Anavitória and Lenine) – Ana Caetano & Paulo Novaes (composers)

“Mulheres Não Tem Que Chiorar” (Ivete Sangalo & Emicida) – Tiê Castro, Emicida & Guga Fernandes (composers)

Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2021

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