Carla Hassett – Best of Brazil 2019

Breathing aural excellence into her original music and new life for a rare Brazilian gem.

2019 gave us a trio of new songs from Los Angeles-based Carla Hassett, and each one is of the highest quality, thanks to Carla’s vocals and her recording partner, Burl Audio, the highly-respected brand for exceptional high end recording gear.

Burl wanted to capture the authentic swing of Bossa Nova, and Carla came up with an idea.

“I asked Burl to dig deep into the barrel, and when they came up with Robero Menescal’s Bossa gem ‘Adriana,’” she said. “With its exquisite groove in 5/4 meter and intimate vocal style, I knew we were going to make a very cool record.”

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It worked, and the Bossa gem that launched Wanda Sa’s incredible debut album in 1963 found new life with this jazzy, horn-driven arrangement.

Two of Carla Hassett’s original songs were part of that L.A. session, recorded ‘live’ with her band in the same studio that has hosted Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones.

‘Sempre Odara’ was released in October and ‘Three Kings’ is slated for an early January date. Watch for its worldwide debut on Connect Brazil’s streaming station next month.


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