Roy Stephansen – Best of Brazil 2019

Summer’s best music has moved to the southren hemisphere, right? Not nearly.

When you’re on this side of the equator, Winter’s snow, cold and shorter days create the urge to fly south to Rio’s sun-kissed beaches. But the flight time from New York is 10 hours.

Imagine what that urge is like when you are 18 non-stop hours north of the land of Samba and Sun?

Trombonist Roy Stephansen creates silky smooth Sambas and Bossa Novas from his home studio in one of the world’s northern-most regions, Finnmark, at the tip of Norway.

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Roy Stephansen draws his inspiration from the same urges we all feel this time of year. This brings us to the first single ‘Northern Lights’, and January’s release of a new album for the Best of Brazilian Music Showcase for 2019.

December’s midnight sun provides only a few short hours of daylight, making that urge to get away that much stronger:

“This video shows the area near my hometown and the time of year we are in now”, says Roy. “My music lets you dream of travelling to warmer places, just like Connect Brazil’s phrase ‘Let The Music Take You There’!”


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