Sunday Brunch: Brazil’s Best Songs of 2005

The Best Brazilian Songs of 2005 on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch at

It’s Brazil’s best songs of 2005 for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch this weekend.

Do you recall the top Brazilian songs from 13 years ago? Well, even I was surprised when I went back to The Sounds of Brazil’s playlist archives for the most popular Brazilian songs of 2005.

Brazil’s best songs of 2005 turned out to be quite a showing for fans and musicians alike. 2005 was the year that Bossacucanova made its mark with Cris Delano singing ‘Bom Dia Rio’ and Maria Rita did the same with her ‘Segundo’ album.

It was the year that both Basia and guitarist Torcuato Mariano launched comeback bids to re-establish themselves with the Brazilian fan faithful, while stalwarts like Milton Nascimento and Bebel Gilberto mingled with one-hit wonders like Fabio Souza.

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And 2005 was a year that saw Brazilian music stretch its borders to include brilliant new recordings by Japan’s Jun Miyake and Germany’s Bobby Brazil.

Brazil’s best songs of 2005: I’ll bring you a dozen top tunes, along with a generous dusting of Brazilian Christmas favorites, and we’ll take time to remember Nancy Wilson with a Sunday Brunch song that’s sure to make you smile. Scroll down for a special teat!

More and more new listeners are tuning in to The Sunday Brazilian Brunch with each passing week, so tell a few freinds about the show and I’ll look forward to another great Brunch show on Sunday!

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Brazilian Brunch Spot of the Week

The Sunday Brazilian Brunch Spot of The Week at Horto Florestal Park , Sao Paulo SP

Our Brunch Spot of The Week takes us to Horto Florestal, a hidden treasure located in the far northern suburbs of Sao Paulo, where the barros of Tremembé and Vila Rosa meet.

This is one of Sao Paulo’s top choices for a relaxing afternoon stroll through its winding paths around a picturesque inland lake. Families come from all across the Sampa’s metro area to enjoy nature’s botanic beauty in an idyllic setting.

Named after Swedish Botanist Johan Albert Constantin Löfgren, the park occupies nearly 3 square miles of leisure areas, lakes and wooded paths. It’s an unsurpassed location to appreciate the unspoiled ‘quiet‘ of nature.

The park holds a rare and rich representation of Brazil’s Mata Atlântica rainforest, where exotic species of eucalyptus and bamboo can be seen, as well as pau Brasil (Brazil wood), which inspired the nation’s name.

Any visit will be greeted with sightings of toucans, maritacas, Brazilian squirrels, the unforgettable capybaras.

But watch out for the monkeys: they are liable to throw nuts at you as you walk underneath the park’s tropical-green canopies.

  • Tip: For a longer stroll, take the trail leading to the Cantareira State Park at the side road of the brick entrance to Horto Florestal. It’s well worth the price of admission.


Horto Florestal
Rua do Horto, 931
Horto Florestal – São Paulo – SP – CEP: 02377-000
Tel .: (11) 2231-8555 – Extensions: 2028/2182/2056


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