Tiago Iorc – Best of Brazil 2019

Born in Brasilia, Tiago Iorc spent his early childhood growing up in England, where he discovered his talent for songwriting in English and Portuguese. That was just his first adventure abroad.

Two years ago, Brasilia-born Tiago Iorc was at the top of his game, as one of his country’s most popular singer/songwriters.

Four best-selling albums, singing in English and Portuguese. A pair of Latin Grammy wins and millions of fans.

Then… he disappeared, texting that he was burned out from the rigors of social media and touring as a Millennial MPB superstar.

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There was a rumor about Tiago Iorc sightings in London, and maybe he was seen in Los Angeles. After that, silence.

Iorc’s return last March was just as sudden, amped up from ‘Nowhere Man’ to ‘Superman’ overnight. 

Reconstrução was released in May, instantly dominating the charts as SRO crowds lined up once again for his concerts. Then the opening track ‘Desconstrução’ was nominated for the Latin Grammy’s Song of The Year.

It won for Best Portuguese Language Song. It also earned Tiago Iorc a place in 2019’s Best of Brazilian Music Showcase.

It’s almost like he never left.



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Tiago Iorc

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