Album Review: Thank You, Tom Jobim

This is the digital album that kicks off our countdown to Antonio Carlos Jobim's Centennial year.

Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Birthday Brings A Jazzy All-Star Tribute Album

Thank You, Tom Jobim includes a dozen curated tracks of favorite songs and originals from Arkadia Records as we explain with this exclusive album review.

by Scott Adams

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the countdown to Antonio Carlos Jobim’s centennial year is already underway. Few composers merit such acknowledgment, making the run to January 25, 2027, one filled with growing anticipation.

So, why these words, now?

It’s due to the thoughtful approach that Arkadia Records has taken to remind us of how one Brazilian songwriter has influenced generations of musicians and become a household name for legions of fans worldwide.

Our favorite musicians found a welcoming catalog of songs to interpret, revisit, and place their creativity upon. Families still share a hand-me-down love of timeless, cherished tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Each of us, from our youth, through young love, to the prospect of aging gracefully have been touched by his music and the memories we’ve attached to it.

Our Album Review For Thank You, Tom Jobim

Arkadia begins with the title: Thank You, Tom Jobim. It is available now as a digital album. Order your copy here.

It’s the label’s latest in a series of remarkable albums honoring the historical legacy of the giants of the jazz world. First came Arkadia’s archival tribute to John Coltrane. Then, the music of Duke Ellington. The Thank You series also includes tributes to Gerry Mulligan and Joe Henderson.

Did you pick up on the word archival? Here’s where the importance of this series and particularly Thank You, Tom Jobim reveals itself.

Saying Thank You To Jazz Legends

Each album in this series showcases the talents of the Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, the label’s handpicked roster of jazz musicians who, collectively have earned several Grammy nominations. Special guests are invited to join the series.

For Thank You, Tom Jobim, the lineup includes Nova Bossa Nova, guitarist Nigel Clark, vocalist Tetel Di Babuya, and pianists Joanne Brackeen, Daniel Grajew, and Alan Pasqua. Saxophonists include Benny Golson, Dave Leibman, T.K. Blue, Lee Konitz, Harold Land, and Ravi Coltrane.

Other highlights? Randy Brecker’s flugelhorn, legendary trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, and drummers Billy Higgins and Guilherme Franco.

To further underscore this album’s historical legacy, Thank You, Tom Jobim’s track list reads like an encyclopedia of Brazil’s greatest hits. Importantly, many of these Jobim evergreens come from his most prolific period as a songwriter.

‘Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar’ was written in 1959. ‘Once I Loved (Amor Em Paz)’, ‘Girl From Ipanema’, ‘Wave’ and ‘Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)’ came along in 1960.

Composed in 1965, ‘Zingaro’ is the song’s title when performed as an instrumental (here, with Dave Leibman’s soprano sax). With English lyrics, this song takes on a different name, ‘Portrait in Black and White’.

Antonio Carlos Jobim’s final years yielded a flourish of memorable songs, including the beautiful waltz, ‘Luiza’ from 1981, performed here by T.K. Blue.

Throughout, Arkadia’s stable of talented musicians live and breathe these songs, creating music that’s worthy of the word tribute in its most heartfelt sense.

Buy this exclusive digital album here.

Making New Arrangements

As Antonio Carlos Jobim’s centennial approaches, we’ll experience and share his musical life as never before. And here’s one story that brings some context to this album.

Early in his career, Tom Jobim’s reputation grew through his nightly club gigs in Rio’s Zona Sul. Soon enough, he came to the attention of the record labels for his dexterity as an arranger. He made his name at Brazil’s famed Odeon Records, directing its orchestra and arranging for the label’s stellar roster.

But that began to change in 1961, when he was introduced to Claus Ogerman while planning Antonio Carlos Jobim, The Composer of Desafinado Plays. Jobim began to move away from arranging his songs, preferring to hand off “that tedious task” to others.

It turned out to be the key to Jobim’s musical alchemy. Superb melodies married to rich harmonies, then given to the world’s most talented arrangers. And to generations of musicians – including those on this album – who unlocked permission to do likewise with their talents.

Thank You, Tom Jobim – The Arkadia Jazz All-Stars

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Track List for Thank You, Tom Jobim

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01. Girl from Ipanema
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Benny Golson feat. Harold Ashby, Geoff Keezer, Dwayne Burno & Joe Farnsworth

02. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & T.K. Blue feat. Ron Jackson & Gavin Fallow

03. Wave
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, Harold Land & Ray Ellis & His Orchestra feat. Billy Higgins & Alan Pasqua

04. Você
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Tetel Di Babuya feat. Daniel Grajew

05. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Joanne Brackeen

06. Caso de Verao (A Summer Affair) (Radio version)
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Nigel Clark

07. Zingaro (Portrait in Black and White)
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Dave Liebman feat. Vic Juris

08. Theme for Jobim
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, Bob Brookmeyer & Lee Konitz feat. Randy Brecker, Ted Rosenthal, Dean Johnson & Ron Vincent

09. Luiza
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, T.K. Blue & Stefon Harris feat. James Weidman

10. Invitation (Convite)
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Nova Bossa Nova feat. Joe Ford & Eddie Monteiro

11. Once I Loved (Radio version)
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars & Nigel Clark

12. Wave (Radio version)
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, Joanne Brackeen & Ravi Coltrane feat. Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez & Ira Coleman

Album Review: Thank You, Tom Jobim

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Presented by the Arkadia Jazz All-Stars’ new digital album, Thank You, Tom Jobim. Listen and Order here.

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