Eliane Elias’s Quietude Shares Personal Favorites

Eliane Elias’s Quietude Shares Personal Favorites . Brazilian jazz pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias Sits on stone wall near ocean
Eliane Elias’s Quietude shares prersonal favorites to reveal a warmy intimate side.

The Brazilian Jazz Star Returns To Her Musical Roots

Eliane Elias’s Quietude shares personal favorites to show off yet another facet of her artistry.  

One of the true blessings of the past year is the fact that events have brought us all closer to the music we love.

That’s true for Eliane Elias, too.

Her new album Quietude finds Eliane Elias at her warmly intimate best. 11 vocals in beautiful Brazilian Portuguese that reflect her own personal favorites from Bossa Nova’s storied past. Each is a Brazilian gem.

An Inspired Personal Playlist

The album opens with Carlos Lyra’s and Vinicius de Moraes’ ‘Você e Eu (You and I)’. Its lyrics are rich with the comfort of true love. Guitar and percussion surround Elias’s voice and piano to create a familiar sound.

Interestingly, Quietude’s character begins to show itself with the next song, ‘Marina’.

It opens with a musical setting that seems rare among Eliane Elias’s recordings: Voice and guitar. That’s the framework for Quietude and the effect is mesmerizing.

It’s as if she were singing to you in your living room.

“I like to make music that I personally would like to hear. This album makes me feel good, at peace and relaxed and I hope that listeners feel the same,” she says.  

Her desire to keep Quietude’s concept fresh and inventive led Elias to record with a trio of Brazilian guitar masters. Marcus Teixeira, Lula Galvão, and longtime friend Oscar Castro-Neves add to the album’s acoustic presence.

Castro-Neves joined her in the studio to play on ‘Tim Tim Por Tim Tim’ before his passing in 2013. “He was one of a kind,” Eliane says.

Songs by Jobim bring refreshingly original renditions, while others will be more familiar because of João Gilberto’s versions.

In addition to the opening track, Gilberto included ‘Bolinha de Papel’ on his self-titled album from 1961. He recorded ‘Tim Tim Por Tim Tim’ for 1977’s Amorosa, and ‘Eu Sambo Mesmo’ for 1991’s João.

For many, these are definitive versions. Quietude approaches them with musical respect while allowing each to carry Elias’s own creative signature.

Oba! You’ve unlocked the latest single from Eliane Elias’s Quietude, ‘Você e Eu (You and I)’.

Eliane Elias’s Quietude shares a Creative Legacy

Quietude is Elias’s 31st album as a solo artist. It follows her 2022 Grammy-winning album, Mirror Mirror which featured acoustic piano duets with Chick Corea and Chucho Valdéz.

Whether it be 2019’s Love Stories, 2017’s Dance of Time, or 2015’s Made in Brazil, Eliane Elias’s ability to find new ways to musically express herself puts her at the very top of Brazilian jazz performers.

No matter the setting, Eliane Elias’s vocal warmth never fails to bring intimacy to her music. When it comes to these Bossa Nova evergreens, it’s an intimacy with deep roots.

For Brazilian jazz fans, 2022 is a milestone year. It marks the 60th anniversary of Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd’s Jazz Samba. The album’s sophisticated, relaxing vibe redefined Bossa Nova worldwide.

Quietude arrives as if to bookend that sentiment. Eliane Elias creates her own remarkable sense of tranquilidade, evoking the spirit of reinvention that Getz and Byrd introduced to us sixty years ago.

Eliane Elias's Quietude Review Roundup
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Eliane Elias’s Quietude Shares Personal Favorites

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Eliane Elias’s Quietude

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Quietude by Eliane Elias

Track List

  1. Você e Eu (You and I)
  2. Mariana
  3. Bahia Com H
  4. Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você (This Love That I’ve Found)
  5. Olha (Look)
  6. Bahia Medley: Saudade da Bahia / Você Ja Foi á Bahia
  7. Eu Sambo Mesmo (I Really Samba)
  8. Bolinha de Papel (Little Paper Ball)
  9. Tim-Tim Por Tim-Tim
  10. Brigas Nunca Mais (No More Fighting)
  11. Saverios


Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, and New York. Produced by Eliane Elias, Marc Johnson, and Steve Rodby. Arrangements by Eliane Elias.


Eliane Elias (voice and piano), Marcus Teixeira, Lula Galvâo, Oscar Castro-Neves (guitars), Marc Johnson (bass), Celso de Almeida (drums), Paulo Braga (drums and percussion), Emílio Martins (percussion), Dori Caymmi (guest vocal).

Eliane Elias's Quietude Review Roundup
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