Happy birthday Torcuato Mariano! Yes, one of our favorite Brazilian guitarists turns 58 this week, on August 11th.  

These days, the popular guitarist from Rio is enjoying success with a new Brazilian jazz album and awards for his role as Producer of The Voice Brasil.

Recently, Brazil’s O Dia magazine published a review of his album Escola Brasileira, where they explained his recording – the first studio album in many years – this way:

“There are 40 years of lessons learned in the musical career, alongside great names of MPB, bossa nova, national rock, samba and jazz. Argentine guitarist, producer and arranger Torcuato Mariano launches his sixth solo album, with a tribute to the country where he developed his artistic career. Escola Brasileira, already available on digital platforms, brings together ten tracks composed almost all by him, in addition to partnerships with Carlinhos Brown and Débora Cidrack. The release also marks the end of a 10-year hiatus since his last solo work.

Torcuato surrounded himself with distinguished guests, such as Djavan (who plays “Cansei de Dor”), Cesar Camargo Mariano, Hamilton de Holanda, Gabriel Grossi and the American singer Toni Scruggs (on the track “Behind the Paradise”). He defines the new work as a conceptual album, which travels between Rio, Minas Gerais and the Northeast. His influences range from Tom Jobim to Pat Metheny, from Toninho Horta to Milton Nascimento, from Ricardo Silveira to Hélio Delmiro.

“Escola Brasileira is a double tribute. The title refers to the 40 years of my arrival in Brazil, still a teenager. Here I built my professional history. Above all, it is a tribute to the music school that gave us so many rhythms and sounds ”, defines the 56-year-old guitarist, who started his career with Johnny Alf and has played with Cazuza, Ivan Lins, Flavio Venturini, Gal Costa and Djavan .

Throughout the ten tracks, the album strolls through the multiple strands of Brazilian music, especially bossa and samba-jazz. 

So, happy birthday Torcuato Mariano! We can’t wait for your next album.

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