Jazziz Magazine Features Ricardo Bacelar

Brazilian pianist Ricardo Bacelar standing nest to grand paino in Ceara Brazil
Brazilian jazz pianist Ricardo Bacelar's music draws from the ecological beauty of his homeland.

Jazziz Magazine Features Ricardo Bacelar and his new Live In Rio album (Ao Vivo No Rio). Read what they have to say.

by Staff

When Jazziz magazine features Brazilian jazz artists like pianist Ricardo Bacelar, you know you should pay attention. After all, the esteemed publication has a decades-long reputation for covering the best music and stories in jazz worldwide.

We remember the excitement of seeing Eliane Elias on the cover of Jazziz magazine in 2014, and our library holds a still-pristine copy of the May 1990 issue of Jazziz featuring ‘Jazz, Bossa and Beyond’ with Basia on the cover.

So, when we came across this article recently, we knew that we had to share it with you.

Because, even though Brazilian jazz pianist Ricardo Bacelar has three musically-diverse albums to his credit, he is still a worthy newcomer, waiting to introduce his music to new fans nationwide.

Read: Jazziz Magazine Features Ricardo Bacelar

Get to know Ricardo Bacelar

Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio (Ao Vivo No Rio) didn’t start with the beach districts of Copacabana or Ipanema. The story begins 1,400 miles north in the Brazilian jazzman’s hometown, Fortaleza.

Bacelar’s first album, In Notura,was released in 2001 and strikes a classical feel infused with traditional and Latin jazz.  A light and understated tone includes some Blues as well.

Concerto Para Moviola (2016) offers an enticing blend of sounds: from traditional Bossa Nova mixed with Smooth Jazz, to Classical, Blues and even some Mediterranean vibes.

Sebastiana followed two years later, building on Bacelar’s Fortaleza roots, and a wealth of multicultural experience. Learn more about him here.

Ricardo Bacelar – Live In Rio (Ao Vivo No Rio) is his latest recording, bringing us a more traditional blend of Bossa Nova and Latin jazz. Up-tempo melodies contrast with the relaxed, tropical feel of an evening at a Brazilian nightclub. His efforts run the gamut and allow for plenty of creativity.

When a pulication the caliber of Jazziz Magazine features Ricardo Bacelar, it represents a great opportunity to share what a musician thinks. “I don’t like to define an album from the beginning,” he says. “The album begins and keeps beginning. Sometimes you start with some concepts, but music comes from creativity. I love to test and experience all the sounds.

When COVID-19 subsides, he has plans to perform stateside in support of his work – bringing his mixture of sounds to American fans so they can experience the same ‘live’ energy and emotion you can tap into today, with the album.

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