Marcos Ariel’s Second Chance

Here's a nostalgic Bossa Nova love song that taps into Rio's Golden Age.

The Rio-based pianist’s second chance comes with a return to the microphone.

Marcos Ariel’s ‘Second Chance’ is a breezy and romantic Bossa duet with Lulu Joppert.

I started writing this song during my morning walks in Los Angeles. Actually, I tend to write a lot of new songs when I’m working out in the mornings. I think I’m a morning person.”

So begins our story for Marcos Ariel’s ‘Second Chance’. It’s a top tune for our Best of Brazilian Music ’22 Showcase. And it marks a return to the microphone for the talented keyboardist and flutist. Perfect for 2022’s Best of Brazilian Music Showcase.

‘Second Chance’ was composed by Marcos Ariel. His lyrics were inspired by memories of a love encounter that passed him by.

There’s a sense of nostalgic charm to Ariel’s latest recording. It has a style that invites us to Rio de Janeiro’s Golden Age of the late 50s. You’ll have to close your eyes to see it, a setting so replete with tropical romance that even Miami must have been jealous.

Strings and keys introduce this love song of hope and regret. Ariel and Lulu Joppert trade their lyrics before joining in unison to reunite their affair.

“If you come back, my tears will end. No more saudades, I will surrender. Your love is all I need to win. Let’s give a second chance on our romance.”

Second Chance: A True Story

In addition to his vocals at the piano, Marcos Ariel also wrote the music and lyrics for ‘Second Chance’. He was inspired by thoughts of a past love that left sweet memories.

Marcos tells us that ‘Second Chance’ will be part of his 10-song, 2023 album, This is Bossa Nova Volume III. It will be a follow-up to his 2018 album This is Bossa Nova Volume II.

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Marcos Ariel’s Second Chance

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