Revisiting Zizi Possi’s Bossa

Zizi Possi has never sounded more confident and immersed in a project than with this album.

Revisiting Zizi Possi’s Bossa: One of the most sultry, and romantic Brazilian albums we’ve ever had the pleasure to own. Replays are a must. Glorious!

Originally published by Connect Brazil, August 16, 2001

Forget for a minute that Zizzi Possi’s Bossa CD (releasing September 28th) contains not a single Bossa-styled tune on this album. Then you’ll have prepared yourself for what is sure to quickly become an all-time classic and a major hit in Brazil for this talented vocalist.

These beautifully orchestrated tone poems in English, Portuguese and Spanish provide a backdrop for Possi’s incredible sensitivity and passion. Bossa is a collection of classics from across the Americas.

The Songs

The 12 songs are superbly paced to elegantly frame the exceptional nuance that could come only from a singer capable of truly owning the songs she sings. Zizi Possi has never, ever sounded more confident and immersed in a project than with this CD.

You’ll recognize many of these melodies as you hear them. Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’, ‘So Many Stars’ (a big hit for Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66), and Djavan’s swinging ‘Capim’.

Others, like Jobim’s ‘Caminhos Cruzados’, Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo’ (I Need To Say I Love You) and ‘Qularquer Hora’ (Anytime) are presented with such delicate grace that once they reveal themselves, it’s hard to understand how incomplete our musical experience was before hearing them.

And that’s saying a lot.

These three languages share a strong hemispheric union. This makes Possi the latest Brazilian singer to attempt such a project. Witness recordings from Caetano Veloso, Joyce, Ivan Lins, and others over the years.

But Bossa is a rarity in any language. It’s the essence of human passion distilled to a single, uncloaked voice. And Zizi Possi draws on the traditions of grace and theater to bring us one of the truly most sultry, romantic albums we’ve ever had the pleasure to own. Glorious!

Revisiting Zizi Possi’s Bossa

01. Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo
02. Yesterday
03. Saberas Que Te Quiero
04. Qualquer Hora
05. Capim
06. Caminhos Cruzados
07. Yo Tengo Un Pecado Nuevo
08. Eu So Sei Amar Assim
09. Haja O Que Houver
10. So Many Stars
11. Preciso Aprender A Ser So
12. Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo


Polygram Int’l


Zizi Possi (vocals), Luiza Possi  (guest vocal). Guy Barker (flugelhorn), Sidnei Borgani (trombone), Marcio Montarroyos, Nahor Gomes (bass trumpet), Proveta (alto saxophone). Jota Moraes (vibraphone), Philip Todd (flute), Jether Garotti (piano). Adam Glasser (harmonica), Dudu Marote (keyboards, percussion, bass), Mike Brittain (bass). Carlos Bala, Joao Barone (drums). Frank Ricotti, Sidinho Moreira, Laercio Costa (percussion), Orchestra.

Produced by Zizi Possi. Executive Producer, Jether Garotti. Orchestral Arrangements by Graham Preskett. Other arrangements by Tonia Davall. Recorded July, 2001 at Midas Studios, São Paulo, Brazil.

Total Time: 52 minutes

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And our ‘one track’ for Revisiting Zizi Possi’s Bossa? ‘Yesterday’.