Roy Stephansen’s Musical Move

Roy Stephansen's musical move. Silver trombone sits on a stone bench surrounded by park-like greenery.

The popular Norwegian trombonist makes a latitude adjustment

Roy Stephansen’s musical move brings him closer to the land of Samba and sun.

by Scott Adams

Have you been following trombonist Roy Stephansen’s story on these pages and via our streaming network? If so, then you know that he’s created some wonderful music from his home studio in the low-numbered latitude reaches of Norway.

To put it another way, favorites like ‘North Lights’, ‘Carefree Days In Cab Frio’, and ‘Bitcoin Samba’ have all been crafted and recorded a stone’s throw away from the Arctic Circle.

But now, there’s breaking news. Those same songs have inspired Stephansen to move south with his music.

Roy Stephansen’s Musical Move Is South, But Still North

1,200 miles south, to one of Norway’s popular tourist destinations. The village of Helgeroa lies in a sheltered harbor on the western shore of the Oslo Fjord.

The new environment has sparked a wave of expression, prompting Roy to revisit several of his earlier songs. Each of these refreshed tunes provides new surprises while staying close to their original versions.

We selected ‘Happy Birthday Samba Again 2022’, a festive jazz samba with percolating rhythm guitar accents underneath Stephansen’s trombone chorus.

The images in the above video come from Roy Stephansen’s camera. No doubt taken during his daily walks along the ocean. To the south, lies Denmark. To the west, Sweden. The east? Scotland and Iceland.

If you ever wondered about the power of Brazilian jazz, well… now you know!

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Roy Stephansen’s Musical Move

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Here’s Roy Stephansen’s remake of this popular song, inspired by his wife’s love of gardening near the arctic circle.