The Day Marisa Monte Said Goodbye

The lady is serious about her music, and the music business, too.

Album cover for 'Colecao' by Marisa Monte
courtesy of the artisty

If you hadn’t noticed, the music biz is changing. That’s Big Time true in Brazil, too where music makers can point to a single date as a game changer.

May 1st, 2016 brought to a close what can only be considered as one of the most successful international partnerships for a Brazilian pop performer in modern history.

Days before, the release of Marisa Monte’s ‘Coleção’ (‘Collection’) marked a #FaintSmile ending to her association with Universal Music that dated back to the start of the New Millennium. The Y2K contract was for four releases but extended to seven projects, the last of which is a quasi-‘best of…’ that pulls on the scattered strings of 13 previously released songs from elsewhere and -when.

Monty Python’s ‘Contractual Obligation’ album, anyone?

Wisely, Monte secured the rights to her music long ago, and now she is ready to turn the page; free to sign with a new label, or (as she has strongly hinted) strike out on her own with independent, artist-directed releases.

A quick check with Universal/EMI in New York reveled “no plans” to release ‘Coleção’ here in the US, so we have selected another rare MM song, ‘Da Aurora Até O Luar’ (‘From Dawn To Moonlight’) for you to enjoy. You’ll hear it on our streaming channels, too.