Ana Bondarenko-Machado’s ‘Copacabana Beach’

Eye-catching images from a Brazilian American artist to help spark your imagination (and make you smile!).

Ana Bondarenko-Machado’s painting of ‘Copacabana Beach’
Ana Bondarenko-Machado’s painting of ‘Copacabana Beach’ (courtesy of the artist)

When it comes to Brazil as a source of inspiration, you don’t have to look far: it turns out that the artist for this wonderful painting lives in coastal Florida, as a very creative member of our Brazilian American community.

Brazilian-born, Ana Bondarenko-Machado started painting at the age of 12 and began exhibiting her creations at 16 years old. Inspired by her travels, nature and architectural appreciation, Ana’s paintings convey a powerful sense of an emotional connection between reality and her interior world. ‘I like using strong vibrant colors to stir up people’s feelings and to give the sensation of happiness’, she says.

While living in sun-drenched Bermuda, she started to portray architectural scenes on clay pots, as well as canvases. These pots became very popular and collected among Bermudians, American, and European tourists alike. She was commissioned by the American Consul in Bermuda to paint six images of his Bermudian home.

The uniqueness of the images which she wishes to portray, from Copacabana Beach in Rio, to Santorini, and colorful homes in the Palm Beaches, Ana’s success attests to her ability to touch people’s feelings with her colorful work.

To view more of her paintings, visit Ana’s page here.