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What’s Happening at August 15 -21, 2021

Anavitória as one? What the heck does that mean? Read more about this talented duo who are leading the way to a refreshing (and surprising) resurgence of Brazilian pop, below. A week’s worth of Brazilian lifestyle stories and more waiting on the homepage at Connect Brazil.

COVER STORY: Anavitória As One

If you have not yet been introduced, let’s take care of that right now. Meet Ana Clara Caetano Costa and Vitória Fernandes Falcão, better known as Anavitória.

They started out as schoolmates and friends living in Araguaína, in the far-off northern state of Tocantins, Brazil’s newest state.  

These two started recording cover songs of Brazilian pop hits on YouTube in 2014, and it wasn’t long before they captured a loyal fanbase. One of their early cover hits was Tiago Iorc’s ‘Um Dia Após O Outro’ and he was so impressed with the duo that he created a partnership with them to produce their first EP less than a year later.

These days (and from the beginning) it’s Anavitória as one. As the name implies, this joining of perspective, image, sound and style represents a social and cultural osmosis that’s found curious and immediate appeal.

OhlhoVivo’s Cláudio Alcântara put it this way: “They have different personalities, vocal timbres, hairstyles and heights, so they look even better together. The duo Anavitória brought together two names, energies, and talents to enchant Brazil and the world with their authorial pop with multiple roots and unique beauty.”

That’s Anavitória as one.

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Zona Sul sunsets like this one are always memorable. This view comes from Pedra do Arpoador near the beginning of the beach at Ipanema.

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This Week’s Spotlight Song: Celia Vaz – Obrigado Donato

Sometimes the right song at just the right time can make all the difference. Here’s talented Rio guiarist Celia Vaz with a smooth Brazilian sizzler for us to enjoy.

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  • ‘Sao Paulo’ – Chic
  • ‘Sem Contaco’ – Bebel Gilberto (NMR Digitial/Connect Brazil Chill remix)

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New Music Spotlight: Anavitoria – ‘Te Amar É Massa Demais’

Catch Anavitoria for New Music Wednesday during our Brazil Back2Back segment, but if you can’t make it, here’s the video of their latest single on our streanming station.

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Anavitoria As One: Connect Brazil This Week

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