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After less than a year, guitarist Phill Fest returns with a new album, titled Seresta. Connect Brazil’s weekly digest keeps you informed and up to date with the best of Brazil. What will you discover?

What’s Happening This Week at May 15 – 21, 2022

Cover Story

Phill’s latest album is titled Seresta (Portuguese for ‘Sizzle’). The album came together quickly last October, during a visit to his father’s hometown, the sun-kissed southern city of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Several of Brazil’s finest jazz musicians help make Seresta a great Brazilian jazz choice for summertime listening.

Pianist Paulo Dorfman, Luizinho Santos (sax and flute). A pair of outstanding bassists, Nico Bueno and Ed Saffi. There’s drummer Ronie Martinez and percussionist Tuti Rodrigues.

A special guest on Seresta is Kiko Freitas, longtime drummer for Joao Bosco and with saxophonist Leo Gandelman. He appears on two songs, including the title track which holds special meaning for Phill, and for two-time Grammy winner Howard Levy.

Levy is the song’s co-writer and he provides the liner notes for Seresta.

Seresta is near and dear to my heart,” says Levy. “I created it spontaneously in a studio in Chicago with Phill’s father, Manfredo, a fantastic pianist and composer. We plucked it out of the air together and it’s wonderful to hear Phill’s version of it.”

To mark Seresta’s arrival, we are also looking back. The album’s May 13th launch date is also the birthday of Phill’s dad, pianist Manfredo Fest. The day came with a special honor. Google created a Doodle to celebrate what would have been Mafredo’s 86th birthday.

Although Google’s Doodles only last for a day, you can view Manfredo Fest’s Doodle, here!

Seresta carries the Fest family’s musical traditions forward.

Read Connect Brazil’s original review of Seresta, then plan to catch a pair of songs from the album on Friday’s Brazil’Back2Back.

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Scott Adams, Midday Host


Brazilian beef ribs at a Costelaria.
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  • ‘Maria, Maria’ – Vitor Kley
  • ‘One Note Samba’ – Nate Najar (Instrumental)
  • ‘Time Goes By’ – Sheléa

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  • Friday, May 20 – Phill Fest’s Seresta debut

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  • Friday, May 25 – Sergio Mendes for Memorial Day Weekend.

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Spotlight Song: Gilberto Gil ‘Nago Buda’ (Ao Vivo)

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Phill Fest’s Seresta: Connect Brazil This Week

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