Antonio Adolfo – Best of Brazil 2019

There’s a reason why Antonio Adolfo is always ranked in the upper echelon when it comes to the Brazilian piano.

As a songwriter, he gave Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 one of their all-time greatest hits with ‘Sa Marina’ (‘Pretty World’).

With more than 25 albums, Antonio Adolfo’s music spans decades, styles and cultures.

As an educator, his seminars have taught a generation of musicians how to pull magic from the building blocks of Brazilian song.  

2019’s Samba Jazz Alley takes its name from Copacabana’s celebrated cul-de-sac called Beco das Garrafas.

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The alley was home to several music bars where Bossa Nova’s change agents mingled well into the night with Rio’s young jazz lions of the late 50’s and 1960’s. 

All of this was lost on the alley’s high-rise neighbors, who rained down empty beer bottles on a nightly basis.

Surrounded by a hand-picked group of musicians, Antonio Adolfo’s acoustic setting and his choice of classic songs reminds us that he loves to innovate on the canvas of tradition.

His masterful takes on ‘Casa Forte’, ‘The Frog’, ‘Tristeza De Nos Dois’, ‘Corcorvado’ and five others prompted Downbeat to include Samba Jazz Alley as one of their top albums of the year.


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