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What’s Happening at October 24 – 31, 2021

Antonio Adolfo’s Jobim Forever: This Week’s Cover Story

First, let’s begin with some breaking news. Antonio Adolfo has been nominated for a Latin Grammy award this year, in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album.

The nomination is for Bruma: Celebrating Milton Nascimento, the Brazilian jazz pianist’s songbook tribute to the MPB singer and songwriter.  

And just announced, Adolfo’s new album Jobim Forever is in the running for 2022’s Grammy Awards, too.

And as major news stories in the world of Brazilian jazz go, you might find it insightful. Because as Adolfo reflects on Jobim Forever, we’re reminded that his point-of-view shapes each of his tribute and songbook projects.

Last year, I asked him to explain how he does it. You can read his unique perspective here. And you’ll discover the childhood memory that changed his life.

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Read Antonio Adolfo’s story here.

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This is a much better map than the pirates had back in the day… They anchored on the windward side of Sao Paulo’s island paradise of Ilhabela, where treacherous waters and dangerous reefs protected their ships and treasure.

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This Week’s Spotlight Song: David Benoit & Marc Antoine | So Nice / Mas Que Nada

Connect Brazil video archive: David Benoit and Marc Antoine celebrate Bossa Nova’s 60th birthday with songs from the 2016 album, ‘So Nice’. Live in Concert, July 21, 2018, at Lowes O’Hare in Chicago.

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New Music Spotlight: Luedji Luna | Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D’água

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Antonio Adolfo‘s Jobim Forever: Connect Brazil This Week

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