Brazilian Comfort Food

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We're coounting down the final week before Valentine's Day, so that you can explore the warmth of Brazilian Comfort Food near you! Clcik the image for more.

Browse Brazilian eateries, cafes, and markets near you, coast to coast.

Brazilian comfort food invites you to cozy up to its ‘melting pot’ palette of European, African, American, and Mediterranean cultures.

Search The Directory For Brazilian Comfort Food Near You

Now that Brazil has taken back its sun for the next several months, those of us in northern climes know how to make the most of winter.

We enjoy a softly strummed guitar as the longer days fade away toward the perfect sunset. We dream of the beach days ahead. And when the urge arises, we refresh and commune with Brazilian comfort food.

Tempt your taste buds

Nothing satisfies more than settling in with freshly baked Brazilian cheese rolls (pão de queijo), the tasty experience of a Brazilian pizza or a hearty bowl of Brazil’s slowly-stewed national dish, feijoada.

There’s more: Acai bowls, Brazilian beef stroganoff (yum!). ‘Hot off the grill’ Churrascaria plates and crisp Brazilian salads delivered to your door. The savory aroma of fresh-baked breads and for your sweet tooth, Mango-Guarana smoothies, Brigadeiros, and Doces galore.

That’s why we’ve created this Connect Brazil Guide.

But it’s not the only reason.

The welcoming spirit of Brazilian hospitality

Open hands, open hearts: Connect Brazil is on a mission to help these family-owned Brazilian restaurants, coffee houses and cafes, bakeries, and grocery markets coast-to-coast during these challenging times.

We hope that you will do the same. Your support makes everything taste better.

Search The Directory For Brazilian Comfort Food Near You

Give your neighbors a helping hand

You help your neighbors, too. Make recommendations to your friends, let businesses know that you’ve found them in Connect Brazil’s Directory, or suggest one to us so it can be added.

Find local Brazilian eateries near you here:

Click Here For Connect Brazil’s Guide To Brazilian Comfort Food

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