Gregory Abbott’s Whisper The Words

Gregory Abbotts Whisper The Words. The R&B singer wearing trendy sunglasses and stylish hat in front of a tropcial backdrop.
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Get to Know This Romantic Urban Bossa Gem

Gregory Abbott’s ‘Whisper The Words’ carries a message of positivity and desire.

For as long as we’ve loved great music, Bossa Nova has always found a way to make it better. Even Frank Sinatra turned to the Bossa Nova beat for inspiration. “I’ve never sung so quietly,” he recalled when asked about his sessions with Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Times change, but somehow Bossa Nova’s breezy, sensual style hasn’t aged at all. This time, it’s become Gregory Abbott’s musical companion on his single ‘Whisper The Words’.

Right here – just last week – we wrote about the creative process that Abbott follows. It’s been his guiding light since his debut single ‘Shake You Down’ made him a household name and an R&B superstar.

“What inspires Abbott?” we asked, and he returned an insightful reply. “I love stories that unfold as I watch people interact. I take it all in, interpret it, then I create the song.”

Pionient lyrics and his trademark sound make Gregory Abbott’s ‘Whisper The Words’ an intimate and touching love song. Chieli Minucci’s guitar is smoothly romantic. It’s Urban Bossa at its best.

Musical friendships: Gregory Abbott’s new song features guitarist Chieli Minucci of Special FX.

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“Gregory Abbot’s lyrics for ‘Whsiper The Words’ caress with each phrase.” – Connect Brazil.

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Gregory Abbott’s ‘Whisper The Words’

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