Jorge Vercillo Gets Smooth: Connect Brazil This Week

Top stories, our Brazilian Comfort Food guide plus new music from Jorge Vercillo, Gilsons, and Brazilian jazz pianist Antonio Adolfo

Jorge Vercillo gets smooth for our list today. Connect Brazil’s weekly digest keeps you informed and up to date with the best of Brazil. What will you discover?

What’s Happening at – January 3 – 9, 2021

We’ve launched our Warmth of Brazil Storystream. You’ll find it on the homepage at Connect Brazil. Here’s what’s new here this week.

Top Stories

  • Feature: We look back at the year that was with the top songs and stories from 2020.
  • Music: We ask 10 Questions about Yellow Sax Marine, Leo Gandelman’s new Brazilian jazz tribute to the Beatles.
  • Food & Drink: We share our recipe for Brazil’s traditional simmering, spiced cider sipper, the Quintao. Perfect for these chilly winter nights.
  • People: Meet Scott Fivelson, the songwriter behind Breeze BossaNova’s 2020 hit.
  • Picture of the Day: A week’s worth of Brazilian-inspired New Year Resolutions will pop up to greet you.

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Yellow Sax Marine, Leo Gandelman’s new Brazilian jazz tribute to the Beatles

Streaming Music News

We’ve added several new songs to Connect Brazil’s Streaming Channels this week. You’ll hear ’em our New Music: Brazil Channel:

  • ‘Tres Pontas’ from Antonio Adolfo
  • ‘A Minha Dor’ from Roberto Vally featuring Daniela Soledade
  • ‘Devagarinho’ by Gilsons
  • “SONG4U’ by Jorge Vercillo

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This week, The Sounds of Brazil features saxophonist Leo Gandelman’s Brazilian jazz, streaming 4 X daily and on demand through January 17th. Show page is here.

On our streaming station

The sea, the sun and The Sounds of Brazil! A jazzy blend of breezy bossas and crossover hits from both sides of the equator. America’s only ‘Always Live’ streaming station for Brazilian music. Listen here.

Brazil Back2Back

Always two-of-a-kind and always two in a row at the top of the hour, at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm (US Central) Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Here’s this week’s lineup:

  • Monday, January 4 – Marcela Mangabeira
  • Wednesday, January 6 – New Music from Jorge Vercillo and Antonio Adolfo
  • Friday, January 8 – Jazz pianist Scott Wilkie’s Brasil. It’s his birthday this week

Next week on Brazil Back2Back:

  • Monday, January 11 – The Brazilian side of Lee Ritenour, on his birthday
  • Wednesday, January 13 – New Music from YouTube discoverys, Raquel Martins and Lucca Giacco
  • Friday, January 15 – Ten days until Jobim’s birth day, so two versions of ‘Dindi’

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Connect Brazil’s Events section has top choices for January, including Friday evening’s YouTube concert by Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar, Brazil Classico and a pair of full length, on-demand virtual concerts by Brazilian jazz pianist Ricardo Bacelar.

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The Brazilain Comfort Food Guide

Connect Brazil’s Brazilian Comfort Food Guide: Help us support small Brazilian American businesses.

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