Marisa Monte Confirms 2021 Album

Brazilian singer Masia Monte

With 18 new songs recorded, her Sony debut marks her first solo studio album in more than a decade.

Marisa Monte Confirms 2021 Album. That’s the headline sweeping across Brazil this week.

It had been that way for months, the better part of a year. Her website stopped updating last summer. Ditto for posts on the official Marisa Monte Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Nada.

Same for the fan sites and celebrity news rags from Belem to Santa Caterina. This was Marisa Monte’s last post:

And that’s fine because, throughout Monte’s storied and successful career, she’s managed her professional life and personal life with enigmatic and engaging aplomb.

Then, a few days ago, the announcement we’ve been waiting for popped up on Brazilian entertainment news sites everywhere: Details on Maria Monte’s first solo studio album in more than a decade.

The announcement gave us the who, what, and why, but in typical Marisa Monte fashion, we’ll be kept waiting a while longer before we learn about when.

Big steps, short strides

How did we get here?

Late last summer, Connect Brazil picked up on a Marisa Monte tidbit that most other English-language sites covering Brazilian music and lifestyle passed by.

She signed a new label deal with Sony. We wrote:

Currently, the Sony pact has her on pace to record and release her first studio album in nine years (since 2011’s O Que Voce Quer Saber De Verdade), although the global pandemic could very well cause uncertain delay.

No details have emerged about Monte’s upcoming album as of yet but watch this page for more information as it becomes available.

When Marisa Monte’s Sony album finally becomes headline news in Brazil, she will have found a pop music world which has greatly changed, in just about every aspect since she made her exit, and – given the disappointing response generated by 2017’s Tribalistas reunion – Monte’s ranking among Brazil’s top pop divas will need to be reestablished.

Marisa Monte confirms new album with Sony: The Details

News of Marisa Monte’s upcoming album with Sony first appeared in press release-like fashion in Guilherme Amado’s column behind Globo’s massive paywall on February 12th,  but soon the story was everywhere. This is from Gabriela FM:

“With 18 compositions already completed, many of them during the pandemic and others previously recorded, Marisa Monte has material for a new album scheduled to be released later this year.

“According to the publication, among the highlights of the material in Marisa’s hands is a song recorded with Seu Jorge and the artist’s daughter, Flor Maria, who debuts as a singer. Classified as “icing on the cake” by the column, the track has the “same footprint” of other successes by the singer and songwriter from Rio.

“In a solo career, Marisa Monte’s last studio album was “O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade”, 2011. Three years later she released the live album “Verdade, Uma Ilusão Tour” and in 2017 and 2019, with the Tribalistas, an unreleased album, and a live album, respectively.”

Read Our Exclusive Review:

Marisa Monte’s 2021 Album, Portas

Lucky guess?

After Connect Brazil’s story last July, we penciled in this date to revisit the story. Our best guess for an album release date? How about Marisa Monte’s birthday on July 1st?

So, let’s leave this story the same way we wrapped up the previous one:

One thing is clear: Millions of fans worldwide – and especially in Brazil and here in America – can’t wait to hear what Marisa Monte’s label deal means to their ears and their hearts.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Marisa Monte Confirms 2021 Album

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