Marisa Monte’s Label Deal Hints At New Album With Sony Music

Marisa Monte returns to record new album for 2020. Connect Brazil
(photo credit: Artist | Billboard)

Marisa Monte’s label deal with Sony and a return to the studio scene came as a stunning announcement, bringing more questions than answers. Why?

by Scott Adams

When Marisa Monte’s label deal with Universal Music abruptly ended, her longtime relationship with the company caught fans worldwide caught off guard. “Why would she part company with the label that had helped her to international stardom,” they wondered.

But those who know the artist best knew very well what the reason was. Wisely, Monte had secured the rights to her music long ago, and now she was ready to turn the page; free to sign with a new label, or (as she had strongly hinted) strike out on her own with independent, artist-directed releases.

Last April, she made a decision to do both. And again, many are wondering why?

An Eye On The Future

From the very beginning, Marisa Monte has always kept one eye focused on the business side of her career, with the other firmly fixed on a level of creative excellence few musicians in Brazil have come close to surpassing.

So when Marisa Monte’s label deal with Sony was announced in early April, the buzz in Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere was accompanied by raised eyebrows.

Why would Monte return to a Brazilian music industry still reeling from poor decisions and decades of black market corruption? Once, Brazil ranked 8th worldwide.

What Kind Of Future, Exactly?

Today’s labels largely pursue Brazilian funk and country music. MPB – the pop genre which launched the careers of Elis Regina, Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Leila Pinhiero, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, and so many others – remains in hiding.

And that is what is so curious about Marisa Monte’s label deal. Keep reading.

New Marisa Monte Album Coming

Currently, the Sony pact has her on pace to record and release her first studio album in nine years (since 2011’s O Que Voce Quer Saber De Verdade), although the global pandemic could very well cause uncertain delay.

No details have emerged about Monte’s upcoming album as of yet but watch this page for more information as it becomes available.

When Marisa Monte’s Sony album finally becomes headline news in Brazil, she will have found a pop music world which has greatly changed, in just about every aspect since she made her exit, and – given the disappointing response generated by 2017’s Tribalistas reunion – Monte’s ranking among Brazil’s top pop divas will need to be reestablished.

We have no doubts on that score. The question lies more with Sony: Can a giant multinational company be as nimble as its Indie counterparts? Many Brazilian musicians are doing fine without the big labels.  We will see.

Here Before You Know It

Regarding of the sausage-making nature of this story, one thing is clear: Millions of fans worldwide – and especially in Brazil and here in the America – can’t wait to hear what Marisa Monte’s label deal means to their ears and their hearts.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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