Next Stop Wonderland

Spoiler alert! Now that both Netflix and Hulu have dropped one of our favorite Brazilian Binge movies from their lineups, here’s where to find it.

Movie poster for Next Stop Wonderland
The movie is good. The soundtrack is Brazilian. Five Stars (publicity poster)

Here’s a movie that has that rare combination of great storyline and equally great Brazilian soundtrack

Next Stop Wonderland! The soundtrack features songs that are actually in the movie.

Most reviews pass on the soundtrack’s leading role with a movie’s success. But here’s a not-to-be-missed movie for Bossa Nova fans, complimented with a must-have album, too.

A Sundance Film Festival winner, Next Stop Wonderland is something of a romantic comedy. The idea centers on a not-completely-together single woman who lives her life to a Bossa Nova soundtrack.

And she’s surrounded by a world of circumstance that decidedly does not.

Director Brad Anderson says “This film was born out of a desire to incorporate Brazilian saudade (a longing for happiness that is not within reach) into the storyline. In this film, I created a character (Erin) that embodies this mixed emotional state, this saudade.”

Claudio Ragazzi created the incidental music for the feature film and turned to Arto Lindsay, Bebel Gilberto, and Vinicius Cantuaria to create the original aural background.

This extraordinary soundtrack’s eclectic palette includes Bossa Nova favs from Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis Regina, Tamba Trio, and Marcos Valle.

Then, add Astrud Gilberto and Walter Wanderley to the soundscape. It’s a guarantee that this is one of the sweetest compilations to ever tempt your screen.

One fan noted that “this movie introduced me to Bossa Nova. Ever since I have been in love with the genre. I could never get sick of it. I love listening to it on Sunday mornings while I read the paper.”

You’ll find Next Stop Wonderland on demand at Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and the Microsoft Store.

Here’s a handy link to find where it is playing today.

Next Stop Wonderland

  1. Batuacada – Bebel Gilberto/Vinicius Cantuaria
  2. Mas Que Nada – Tamba Trio
  3. Stay – Astrud Gilberto
  4. Crossed Paths – Claudio Ragazzi/Arto Lindsay
  5. Triste – Elis Regina
  6. Os Grilos (Crickets Sing For Ana Maria) – Marcos Valle
  7. One Note Samba/The Girl From Ipanema – Bebel Gilberto/Vinicius Cantuaria
  8. The Therapist – Claudio Ragazzi/Arto Lindsay
  9. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) – Astrud Gilberto
  10. The Suitors – Josh Zaentz/Sergio Brandao
  11. Baia – Walter Wanderley
  12. O Beijo (The Kiss) – Claudio Ragazzi
  13. Aquarela Do Brasil – Toots Thielemans/Elis Regina
  14. Desafinado – Antonio Carlos Jobim
  15. The Finale – Claudio Ragazzi/Arto Lindsay/Bebel Gilberto
  16. O Pato (The Duck) – Coleman Hawkins

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