The Best of Oscar Castro-Neves

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Remembering Oscar

Oscar penned his first hit song ‘Chora Tua Tristeza’ (Cry Your Sadness) at 16 and when it became a national hit in Brazil – generating more than fifty covers recorded by various artists, it was a sign of things to come.

He came to the US to play at Carnegie Hall in ‘62 and came back to stay when he signed on with Sergio Mendes as his music director in the early 70s, recording 15 albums with Mendes, several as co-producer.

Oscar became a US citizen and was also the very proud uncle of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Indy 500-winning driver, Helio Castroneves. He was a great musical friend, too.

My first meeting with him was in advance of his ‘Tropical Heart’ CD in 1993. We sat down for an interview that became the basis for the album’s official release.

Oscar and Helio share the Castro-Neves family trait of energized likeability, and that’s an excellent introduction to this week’s program.

I hope you’ll enjoy the show!

Happy Listening,

Scott Adams, Program Host


‘The Best of Oscar Castro-Neves’

Hour 1:
Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme
Un Beijo Na Boca<>Latin Vibe/Latin Vibe
Bossa Blue<>Chris Standring/Blue Bolero
One Note Samba<>Nico Gomez/Lambada Dance Music
Welcome to the Lounge   
Never Die Young<>Luciana Souza/The New Bossa Nova
Special Announcement
O Tannenbaum<>Vinne Zumo/Retro Cool Bossa Nova Xmas

Set 2:
Introduce Our Next Set
Sensivel Demais<>Jorge Vercillo/ Como Diria Blavatsky
You Are My Romance<>Oscar Castro-Neves/Tropical Heart
Introduce Next Set                           
Return To Rio<>Oscar Castro-Neves/Brazilian Scandals
Border Line<>Deodato/The Crossing
She Walks This Earth<>Sting/A Love Affair

Set 3:  The Brazilian Minute: Explaining Brazil’s Christmas Traditions

This Week’s Spotlight Song
Sweetest Somebody I Know<>Stevie Wonder/A Time To Love
Aula de Matematica<>Paul Winter/Brazilian Days
Have Yourself A Merry XMas<>Art Four Sale/Four The Holidays

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Hour 2:
Set 1:
O Que é o Amor<>Roberta Campos/O Que é o Amor
Motiff d’Azur<>Slowdown/Retrospectives
Welcome To Our Second Hour
Meu Mundo E Nada Mais<>Joanna/Joanna
Obrigado Donato<>Celia Vaz/Ebb & Flow
Unconditional Love<>Oscar Castro-Neves/Yesterday
Special Announcement
Let Your Love Rise<>Fabiana Passoni/Let Your Love Rise

Set 2:
Introduce Next Set
Green Eyes<>Marcos Ariel/My Only Passion
Happiness<>De Phazz/Dinner Party
Introduce Next Song
On And On<>Stephen Bishop/Saudade
Flying To Bahia<>Caibedo Island/Caibedo Tale
Scandal No. 2<>Oscar Castro Neves/Maracuja

Set 3:
Qualquer Coisa Com O Paraiso<>M. Nascimento/Angelus
Rio<>Marcela Mangabeira/Simples
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Next Week: We’ll celebrate two hours of Brazilian Christmas favorites! Feliz Natal!! Please plan to join me for the Holiday, and a story or two.

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‘The Best of Oscar Castro-Neves’

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A Final Encore

Oscar’s final recording occurred shortly before his passing but was left incomplete, so the tracks sat untouched for several years.

They resurfaced when ‘Legacy & Alchemy Producer Robert Hebert brought them into his new arrangement of Oscar’s ‘All One’ in 2018, featuring vocalist Alexandra Jackson with Al Jarreau. 

This single also marked what would become Jarreau’s final recording, too.

You’ll hear Al Jarreau throughout along with Oscar’s voice and guitar towards the end of this song. Enjoy!