Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza in Pictures

Brazilian pianist Ricardo Bacelar performing outdoors

Ricardo Bacelar’s story didn’t start with the beach districts of Copacabana or Ipanema. It begins 1,400 miles north in the Brazilian jazzman’s hometown, Fortaleza.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza in Pictures captures a weeklong visit to his hometown.

Day One:

Person holding a Brazilian ice cream.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza Week: “Gelateria San Paolo makes the best Italian ice creams in Fortaleza, and here’s a simple truth: You haven’t tasted ice cream until you’ve tried Brazilian gelos! Click to sample the first single of my new album.”

Day Two:

Oceanside sunrise at Fortaleza, Brazil.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza in Pictures Week:“The sun rise to meet a new day in my hometown of Fortaleza, Ceará. A city of tall buildings, pristine beaches and breathtaking ecological beauty! I’m a Brazilain jazz musician, and this is the city of my birth. May I introduce myself?

Day Three:

Yellow-white dunes at Praia do Japão , Ceara, Brazil.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza Week: “The simple beauty of Praia do Japão (Japan Beach) has become our family’s place of personal refuge during the COVID lockdown.”

Day Four:

Aquamarine waves meet the shore at Mucuripe Beach, Fortaleza Brazil.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza Week: “Beautiful Fortaleza! From my childhood to today, the warm, green waves of Mucuripe Beach have nurtured my imagination and caressed my music.” Click to learn how these memories have shaped my music.

Read this story of how family tradition and the culture of the Brazilian northeast influenced me.”

Day Five:

Magnificant entrance to Fortaleza's José de Alencar Theater, CXeara Brazil.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza In Pictures Week: “Ahhh, so many memories! This is the José de Alencar Theater, A symbol of arts and culture, where I’ve played lots of times, but each one is like the first!” Click here to read ’10 Queations with Ricardo Bacelar’.

Day Six:

Scenic mixuture od sea, sand and sky at Praia da Peroba at Icapui.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza Week: “An easy drive south along the coast brings us to one of our favorites beaches, Praia da Peroba at Icapui. The clear waters and impressive cliffs make it an enchanted and inspiring place to be in family!”

Day Seven:

World's tallest - and steepest -wateslide at Beach Park , Fortaleza Brazil.

Ricardo Bacelar’s Fortaleza in Pictures Week: “Fortaleza’s Beach Park boasts one of the world’s tallest and steepest water slides. It’s easy to spend a weekend there. Click to learn more about my music.”


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