Search Page Rankings Explained

The black science of earning a first-page ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo begins with optizimising your story for organic search.

Search Page Rankings Explained

The top three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) account for 96.5% of market share. Google dominates with 93%. All three are owned by marketing companies.

Today, these search engines deliver results that are tailored to each user’s location, demographic profile and search history. This information is compared to the profiles of countless like-minded users to deliver the search results you see.

This means that listing results for a man in Brazil may be different than what a young female user will see in Miami or Chicago. Or Moscow.

In addition to historic, geographic and demographic information, combinations of browsers with different search engines can yield different search results, so we spot-check the results of Google and Bing against private browsers/search engines such as Duck Duck Go to compare performance. We also test on a variety of devices.

Connect Brazil does this to provide the most accurate snapshot reports of search engine ranking performance possible.

Unlike social media channels, your ranked Connect Brazil pages will continue to actively work for you 24/7. These original stories are just a click away from interested readers using search terms relevant to you and your music.

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