Tereko Makes Phill Fest’s Seresta Sizzle

Fest’s Latest Single Is A Real Showstopper. Has Been For Years.

Tereko makes Phill Fest’s Seresta sizzle. It’s a great introduction to one of the year’s best acoustic Brazilian jazz albums.

by Scott Adams

One of our favorite words in Brazilian Portuguese is jeito. Basically, it translates as ‘finding a way’ to make something happen. In fact, the mere mention of the word can result in a creative spark. That’s the story behind guitarist Phill Fest’s new acoustic Brazilian jazz album, recorded spontaneously in Porto Alegre, last fall.

Another word. Seresta means sizzle in Portuguese. And ‘Tereko’ is the song that provides the spark. Press play, and you’re greeted with an air of mystery.

First, it’s a loose interplay between Fest’s guitar, Tuti Rodrigues’s berimbau, and Santos’s soprano sax. Next, the song begins to gel as it settles into a simmering Baião rhythm that’s simply captivating. Finally, 60 seconds in, and you’re hooked. ‘Tereko’ captures your attention and won’t let go. It’s a musical experience that you’ll want to listen to time and again.

Jeito? Claro sim! ‘Tereko’ makes Phill Fest’s Seresta sizzle.

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Phill Fest’s Seresta: Understanding Tereko’s ‘Fascinating Rhythm’

So, what inspired ‘Tereko’?

Phill Fest tells the story. “I composed this song in 1997 while still living in Clearwater, Florida. Originally it was titled ‘Terezinha’, the name of my then-wife. She’s a native of Salvador, Bahia, which inspired the Baião rhythm we used in the song. Her nickname was ‘Tereko’ so I decided to rename the song after recording it this past October.”

There’s a wonderful depth to be found in the Baião rhythm you’ll hear. It was created for dancing and singing in the rural communities of the Brazilian northeast.

“The chordal & modal structure has fascinated me since childhood,” says Fest. “So much that I even visited the home of Luiz Gonzaga, the Father of Baião in Pernambuco. The experience was amazing!”

Luis Gonzaga is one of the most influential figures in Brazilian music. Jobim called Gonzaga a musical revolutionary.

Fest continued. “Interestingly, ‘Tereko’ has been a crowd-pleaser at my shows from the very start. That hypnotic rhythm and the wordless vocals have always brought out a visceral reaction from audiences everywhere. I’m extremely happy with this version.”

Guitarist Phill Fest’s latest single from his newly-released album Seresta is sure to be a noteworthy addition to your personal playlists this summer.

Tereko, from Phill Fest’s Seresta

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Tereko Makes Phill Fest’s Seresta Sizzle

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