The New Bossa Nova

What’s Happening This Week at Connect Brazil: July 9th, 2023

The New Bossa Nova

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Listen live! Taking you away from your part of the world, to ours with a jazzy blend of breezy Bossas and crossover hits from both sides of the equator. Always live, always free!

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My Producer’s Notes

Welcome once again!

It was a simple question that brought an unexpected response, and it came at the end of dinner with a music label exec in Rio de Janeiro.

As we capped off our meal with a few fingers of aged sipping cachaça I asked, “When it comes to the rest of the world, what do you think is Brazil’s most popular music?”

He replied without hesitation: “Samba. It’s always Samba.”

His answer surprised me, not only because of its immediate arrival but also because I had not even considered it against my own firmly held opinion: Bossa Nova.

My point is that Bossa Nova is a worldwide musical phenomenon – has been for decades. But now it’s time to tune in to Bossa’s future. The New Bossa Nova. It’s an interesting story and you can read it here.


Scott Adams, Program Host

The Sounds of Brazil!

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Hour 1: 

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Café Roma<>Brass/Cafe Roma 3 

Rainha<>Toco & Nina Miranda/Memorias

Out of Time<>Deodato/Summer Samba

Welcome to the Connect Brazil Listening Lounge                     

Don’t Wait For Love<>Will Downing/Moods

Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Aguas De Marco<>Joao Gilberto/Joao (White Album)

Super Ambient<>Bossacucanova/Ipanema Lounge V.1

Introduce Next Song

Brisa Mar<>Sabrina Malheiros/New Morning

Wake Up<>Torcuato Mariano/Lift Me Up

Novo Visual<>Marcos Valle/The Best of Marcos Valle

Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Oração Ao Tempo<>Djavan/Aria Ao Vivo

Half A Minute (Live)<>Basia/Clear Horizon: The Best of Basia

Brasileiro<>Ray Obiedo/Sticks & Stones


Hour 2:

Set 1: 

Going Outside<>Camiel/On A Day Like This

Morning Gaze<>Quetzal Guerrero/Coiza Boa

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Adriana<>Wanda Sa/Vagamente

Adriana<>Rosalia de Souza/Garota Moderna

Bellavista<>Barrio Jazz Gang/Spectrum

Special Announcement

O Jardim<>Paulo Brasil/Esperenca

Set 2:

Introduce Brazil Back2Back: Made In Chicago           

Samba Pra Luiz<>Luciano Antonio/Sem Palavras

Sem Voce<>Cecy Santana/Single

Introduce Next Song

How Insensitive<>DJ Chul-E & Jobim/ (Suntrust Mix)

Like Ours<>Tom & Julie/Bossa Tres Jazz 2

Bayu-Bayu<>Soul Bossa Trio/Soul Bossa Trio

Set 3:

Tanto Tempo<>Bebel Gilberto/Tanto Tempo

Giraffe In Green<>Jun Miyake/Post Modern Bossa

~ ~ ~

Next Week: We’ll celebrate Gal Costa’s birthday with a brand new album from the Brazilian Diva. I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please – tell a few friends about us! It’s always great to share the music.

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