Brazil’s Carnaval To Be A Post-Easter Parade

Brazil's Carnaval To Be A Post-Easter Parade
Brazil's Carnaval To Be A Post-Easter Parade. (Photo: © Celso Pupo Rodrigues |

The rise of the Omnicron varient in Brazil has pushed officals to act once again.

Will this be the first time that Brazil’s Carnaval will be held after Easter?

The on-again, off-again, on-again nature of Brazil’s offical Carnaval season for 2022 is off again. For a while.

This latest decision to reverse course came at the end of a late-afternoon meeting between the mayors and top leaders in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo yesterday, Friday, January 21st.

A report by Gilson Garrett Jr., with Estadão Conteúdo for Brazil’s Exame posted the news: “In a joint decision, the city of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro decided to postpone the parades of samba schools that were scheduled for the Carnival holiday at the end of February.”

Brazil’s two largest cities have determined that concerns for public safety in the face of rising COVID-19 cases of the current variant called Omnicron led to the decision.

Now, it’s on again.

Brazil’s Carnaval To Be A Post-Easter Parade

The new dates for Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have been moved to the holiday weekend of April 21, 2022.

Yes, for the first time in Brazil’s modern-day history, Carnaval will occur after Easter Sunday. We checked.

In 1912, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval was suspended by Mayoral decree. It went on throughout both World Wars, too. 2021’s festivities were canceled due to the lockdowns related to COVID-19.

April 21st is an important day in Brazilian history. The date celebrates Tiradentes Day and the Anniversary of Brazil’s Capital city, Brasilia.

Brazil’s April 21st Holidays

Known as ‘Tiradentes Day’ it honors the life of a Brazilian hero, Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier. Xavier fought for Brazilian independence and freedom from Portuguese rule.

A passionate patriot for the causes of personal freedom and independence from big government, ‘Tiradentes’ (a nickname given to him due to his profession as a dentist) gave his life to his cause.

Tiradentes organized a protest movement to declare independence on the day when taxes were due. He was betrayed and arrested in February 1789. He was hung on April 21st.

April 21st also marks another public holiday in Brazil. It celebrates the founding of Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia, in 1960. The city was planned, designed, constructed, and inaugurated in five years, from concept to creation.

And while the intended function of the city as the seat of the Brazilian government dictated its form, the opposite is also true.

The city of Brasilia is largely the result of famed architect Oscar Niemeyer and visionary urban designer Lúcio Costa. Many of the state buildings bear Niemeyer’s touch, while Costa’s creativity gave the city a lasting flourish.

When seen from high above, Brasilia has the shape of a jet airliner flying across the Brazilian highlands.

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Quixotic Carnaval

Carnaval in Brazil is known as the world’s largest party and its annual dates are usually set according to when Easter Sunday falls on the calendar. Brazil’s official Carnaval period is always set to end on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday.

But Carnaval is more than a celebration. It is also the lifeblood, soul, and spirit of the neighborhood blocos who organize, construct and compete in the pageantry of the Samba School parades in Sao Paul and Rio de Janeiro.

Much of the local economy for these neighborhoods is bolstered by the funds derived from Carnaval activities. After difficult years in 2020 and 2021, concern for Carnaval extends well beyond the Sambadroms of Brazil’s biggest cities.

So, even though current events dictate Brazil’s Carnaval to be a post-Easter parade this year, the weekend will be one of celebration of national pride and unity for the country and its people. Especially this year.

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