Cecy Santana Sings Sao Paulo

Cecy Santana sings Sao Paulo. Brazilian brunette women wearing black dress
Cecy Santana's 'Sao Paulo' lights a fuse on the megacity's daily grind.

Pay attention to what’s important. Life is hard.

Cecy Santana sings Sao Paulo, lighting a fuse on the megacity’s daily grind. Her latest Brazilian single carries exhilarating Latin passion.

Not only is Cecy Santana a Chicago thoroughbred, but she’s also Paulistana, born and raised in the city of Sao Paulo. That’s the inspiration for her latest Brazilian single.

Let’s recap. Sao Paulo is Latin America’s Big Apple and one of the most-populous metros to be found anywhere. 22.5 million people live and work there.

In 2021, the total population rose by just .8%. In Sao Paulo terms, that’s roughly 180,000 new faces. People looking for a place to sit on the same subway, bus, or (God forbid) Uber that you need.

Sao Paulo is also the largest geographic center on earth. SP (essy-pay) is so vast and congested with traffic that cab drivers will only travel in one direction after 12 pm. Truth.

Just released on all platforms! Check out the panoramic videography that perfectly compliments Cecy Santana’s story about her hometown, ‘Sao Paulo’.

Music + Lyrics = Contrast

Cecy Santana sings Sao Paulo and her lyrics light a fuse on that daily grind.

“Let’s go,” she sings in Portuguese. “Pay attention to what’s important. Life is hard and we work, work, work to get paid little money. Sao Paulo, Cold City. Sao Paulo, Industrial City. All the people interact in a Virtual World.”

That’s the story the lyrics tell. But the music? Well, the music tells a different one.

Because not far from the “Muros da Pedra” (walls of stone) is the electric nightlife of Kingston Club. Located in the Pinheiros district, it’s one of the hottest Baladas in SP. There’s a line to get in on any night of the week, and the music sizzles with a Latin vibe.

The crowds show up late. Or early, because at 2 am there’s no difference.

That’s when you’d expect to see Cecy Santana lighting it up on stage, with this song and this Chicago band. And all you want to do is dance.

Because words are just words and tomorrow seems as far away as the Uber driver you met yesterday morning.

“The contrast in the song comes from the attitude that most Brazilians have,” says Cecy Santana. “Even though they work so hard to make ends meet, they keep a positive attitude and make the most of life!”

Cecy Santana’s ‘Sao Paulo’

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Cecy Santana Sings Sao Paulo

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