A Simply Amazing Performance Awaits

Dianne Reeves Sings ‘The Heart Speaks’. It’s the first single from Ivan Lins’s upcoming album.

Did you know? Early in her career, Sergio Mendes hired Dianne Reeve to sing with Brasil 88 during the group’s International tour.

What we like: Dianne Reeves sure knows how to sing an Ivan Lins love song.

No doubt about it, Dianne Reeves’s voice has caressed many of our favorite songs.

From ‘Better Days’ and ‘I Want You’ to ‘At Last’ and ‘Just My Imagination. And she raised our spirits when she partnered with Peter Sprague in April 2021 for that impromptu performance of Pat Metheny’s ‘Minuano’, just when we needed it the most.

But truth be told, Dianne Reeves has never been far away from a Brazilian melody. Think of her jazzy read of Milton Nascimento’s ‘Bridges’. Or her eloquent approach to ‘Sweet Presence’ (Doce Precensa) from 2000’s A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins.

It’s easy to understand how the music of Brazil is close to her creative soul.

Handpicked Melody, Handwritten Lyrics

Handpicked by Lins for Reeves to record, the melody for ‘The Heart Speaks’ first came to us from a different voice. Terrace Blanchard’s languid trumpet in 1996. Lins also invited Jane Monheit to pen the song’s English lyrics, recalling “Jane wrote a beautiful lyric. It’s easy to understand what she’s saying.”

Reeves’s emotion makes it effortless. Here’s a love song that you’re sure to fall for.

We were amazed to learn that it’s been nearly 25 years since Ivan Lins released an album with an American label. Happily, Resonance Records has delivered one of the Brazilian singer and songwriter’s best albums.

‘My Heart Speaks’ by Ivan Lins will be released on September 15th and is available for preorder now. You can also download the single, ‘The Heart Speaks’ by Dianne Reeves.

Download ‘The Heart Speaks’ and pre-order the album:

Resonance Records | Amazon | Bandcamp | Linktree

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Dianne Reeves Sings The Heart Speaks

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