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Ella & The Bossa Beat is one of several new groups shaping the future of Brazilian pop. Read more about their young lead singer and the generational talent which drives their sound.

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COVER STORY: Catching up with Ella & The Bossa Beat

There’s something exciting going on with Brazilian music these days. A generation of Millennial music makers is pushing the music forward, in contrast to the more-or-less, laidback attitude held by many just a few years ago.

It’s happening in Brazil with a brace of rising stars, and it’s happening here in America, too, where Florida is a hotbed for the Brazilian American sound.

So, loyal listeners to our streaming channels and always-live streaming radio station are already familiar with Ella & The Bossa Beat and 2020’s debut of My Remedy.

The group’s creative core is familial, led by vocalist and pianist Ella Borges and her dad, Magrus Borges, the talented percussionist with Bebel Gilberto’s latest album and leader of the popular Brazilian jazz group Magrus & The Rainforest Band.

These two compose and produce every song together, including a pair of new tunes perfect for our video playlist of Hot Brazilian Summer Sounds.

Ella shared her creative notes for both songs. Read and listen, here.

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Scott Adams, Midday Host


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  • Music: The true story behind Daniela Soledade’s lovely and romantic ‘Você’.
  • Food & Drink: Meals worth remembering: A look back at Fogo de Chao’s summer menus.
  • People: Two famous Brazilian Ameican jazzers have birthdays this week. Who are they?
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Brazil’s Guinea Pig cousin is the very social Capivara, which can grow to be five feet tall, making it the world’s largest member of the Rodent family.

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This Week’s Spotlight Song: George Duke – Summer Breezin’

You can trace Connect Brazil’s musical and cultural roots back to songs like this one: George Duke’s 1979 hit ‘Summer Breezin’ from his album A Brazilian Love Affair.

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More ways to make the Summer of ’21 one to remember. Here’s a trio of tunes that fit the bill. Listen for them on our streaming station this week:

  • ‘Who’s In Love Here’ – Ivan Lins
  • ‘Flying Free’ – Eric Roberts (Instrumental)
  • ‘Quando Voce Voltar’ – J. Marino & Friends Featuring Lois Albez

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  • Monday, August 23 – Birthdays for Dori Caymmi & Kenia
  • Wednesday, August 25 – New Music Wednesday: Roberta Campos, Nathan Mitchell
  • Friday, August 27 – Ella & The Bossa Beat

Next week on Brazil Back2Back:

  • Monday, August 30 – ’70s Brazilian jazz: Deodato & Astrud Gilberto
  • Wednesday, September 1 – New Music: Khari Cabral Simmns & Torcuato Mariano featuring Djavan
  • Friday, September 3 – TBA

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New Music Spotlight: The Knocks (feat. Sofi Tukker) – ‘Brazilian Soul’ [Acoustic Bossa Version]

Did this early 2018 tune slip past you, too? Well, it turns out that ‘Brazilian Soul’ captures the ‘bucket list’ spirit of your first visit to the land of samba and sun. Perfect for your personal playlist.

Listen for this song on our New Music: Brazil streaming channel.


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Ella & The Bossa Beat: Connect Brazil This Week

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