It’s Sea, It’ Sun, It’s Here

It's sea, it's sun, it's here
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It’s sea, it’s sun, it’s here: We’re celebrating Bossa Nova’s 60th Birthday with special weekend programming on The Sounds of Brazil’s streaming station. Join us every Saturday for Bossa Nova Breeze! It’s ‘All Bossa Nova, All The Time’.


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Back in the day, two young Carioca songwriters, Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo Boscoli introduced a new concept to Bossa Nova called É Sal, É Sol, É Sul (It’s Salt, It’s Sun, It’s South) and they put that phrase into a song named after their home town.

‘Rio’ became a radio hit when Lúcio Alves recorded it in 1963 and we’ve done our best to capture the spirit of that phrase with our Bossa Nova Breeze logo (above).

And even though Bossa Nova turns a musical 60 this summer, it still sounds like 17. We think there’s nothing better to listen to when you’re ready for an afternoon of sun and surf.

You’re invited to listen to Bossa Nova Breeze all day, all night every Saturday. Just click the ‘play’ button at the bottom of any page at

Just think: Bossa Nova Breeze!