Remembering Oscar Castro-Neves: Connect Brazil This Week

Remembering Oscar Castro-Neves on his birthday. Connect Brazil’s weekly digest keeps you informed and up to date with the best of Brazil. What will you discover?

What’s Happening at May 9 – 15, 2021

Remembering Oscar Castro-Neves during his birthday week is always a happy occasion. The Bossa Nova guitarist was a longtime friend of The Sounds of Brazil from our radio show’s earliest days.

For all of his 73 years, Oscar Castro-Neves had an enthusiasm for life that was both infectious and unmistakable. You could hear it in his voice.

You could hear it in his music, too. For Oscar, melody and counterpoint would flow and weave about like a Brazilian caipirinha , an unexpectedly smooth and deceptively potent mixture of freshly squeezed limes, sugar and pinga cachaça (Brazil’s barely-aged sugar cane rum).

This effervescence for life also helps us in remembering Oscar Castro-Neves as a de facto Cultural Ambassador for Brazilian music on five continents. continue reading…

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Scott Adams, Midday Host


  • Lifestyle: It’s Mother’s Day, here and in Brazil. Here’s a mother and daughter story you’re sure to enjoy.
  • Music: Looking for a springtime soundtrack? Try Toco’s sophomore album.
  • Food & Drink: We’re sharing a breakfast recipe: Our Brazilian Coconut Mango Bowl.
  • People: Remember Tania Maria’s ‘Come With Me’? She celebrates this week. It’s our video list of May’s musical birthdays!
  • Picture of the Day: Folks you don’t even know love our daily images. You will too.
Rio de Janeiro: Sharing a quiet moment on the hand-tiled steps of the Escadaria Selarón which connects the music district of Lapa with the rest of Santa Teresa.
Rio de Janeiro: Sharing a quiet moment on the hand-tiled steps of the Escadaria Selarón which connects the music district of Lapa with the rest of Santa Teresa.

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New Music: Sarah Menescal ‘Lanterna dos Afogados

Born in Rio, and living in Spain Fred Martins channel his Inner Bossa on our streaming channels, including Bossa Nova Love AffairBrazilian Jazz, and our steaming station!


Bebel Gilberto is in the spotlight this week, just in time for her birthday. Settle in with two hours of favorite songs on The Sounds of Brazil. Listen 4 X daily and on-demand through May 9th. The playlist and Producer’s Notes are here.


Let The Music Take You There! Our streaming station is a jazzy blend of breezy bossas and crossover hits from both sides of the equator. Always free and always live, this is music you can live with!

Treat your ears to our unique blend. Our streaming station is the perfect choice for the sunshine season. Listen for these songs this week during The Midday Show with Scott Adams (M-F, 9 am to 3 pm CT).

  • ‘Que Nem Maré’ – Jorge Vercillo
  • ‘Zabumbaia’ – Antonio Adolfo (Instrumental)
  • ‘Begin The Beguine’ – Gal Costa

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Here’s this week’s lineup:

  • Monday, May 10 – Jazz Sambas
  • Wednesday, May 12 – Bebel Gilberto on her birthday
  • Friday, May 14 – Remembering Osacr Castro-Neves

Next week on Brazil Back2Back:

  • Monday, May 17 – Pianist Gregg Karukas
  • Wednesday, May 19 – Happy birthday Ivete Sangalo
  • Friday, May 21 – Bossas da Gema

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Spotlight Song: Tania Maria ‘Come With Me’

A Brazilian Jazz classic! Tania Maria brings her passion and energy to our playlists this week.

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Remembering Oscar Castro-Neves: Connect Brazil This Week

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