An Introduction to Brazil On The Grill

An introduction to Brazil On The Grill at
(photo: uncredited.)

An introduction to Brazil On The Grill? Yep!

Because once you start grillin’ Brazilian, just about everything you grill will turn out better. And that’s a good thing, right?

Ahh, the Sunshine Season: That incalculable period of time from the first ‘close enough’ warm day of grilling to the very last opportunity before Brazil takes back its sun and the warmth that goes with it.

Grilling is a modern American tradition. Caribbean natives shared Barbacoa with Christopher Columbus when he landed on Hispaniola.

Then the idea was carried north and south to the New World, where new cultures branded their own styles on the meats they were cooking.

We can bicker over the terms, but today this 500,000 year-old tradition is called Barbecue or BBQ in the United States, Barbacoa and Parillada in Mexico, and Churrasco in Brazil and throughout South America.

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So, an introduction to Brazil On The Grill means that the distance from Ribeye to Picanha is no greater than the width of your grill.

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