Brazilian Bites and Burgers: The Connect Brazil Guide

Get connected with the best Brazilian eats coast-to-coast as our nation returns to the Sunshine Season and summertime fun.

Brazilian Bites and Burgers! From cafes, bakeries, and fresh markets to sandwiches, Brazilian pizza, springtime sippers, and delicious grilled favorites.

Just a Tap or Click Away…

…from Mother’s Day, in the USA and in Brazil. It will be here before you know it. So plan ahead with a special ‘Brazilian bite’ or two from our coast-to-coast guide!

From sweet Brigaderious to tasty Pao de Queijo, there are plenty of choices nearby or online.

The Welcoming Spirit of Brazilian Hospitality

Open hands, open hearts: Connect Brazil is on a mission to help family-owned Brazilian American restaurants, coffee houses and cafes, bakeries, and grocery markets coast-to-coast during these challenging times.

We hope that you will do the same. Your support makes everything taste better.

Connect Brazil Lifestyle Directory services for Brazilian American family-owned businesses are provided at no cost.

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Carry Home


How about a Brazilian Burger?

The hamburger is one of the most popular sandwiches worldwide, so Connect Brazil is celebrating America’s reopening with our summertime guide to the best Brazilian Bites and Burgers.

The ubiquitous burger is an all-American staple, and despite its hamburger moniker (perhaps in tribute to the city of Hamburg, Germany), burgers are about as American as it gets.

And guess where America took its burger?

The Story Begins with Bob’s Burgers

The hamburger arrived in Brazil when America’s Wimbledon-winning tennis player Robert Falkeburg moved to Copacabana to open the first Bob’s hamburger store in 1952.

That early menu also included sundaes and milkshakes, and instantly became a favorite hotspot for Cariocas and tourists. McDonald’s soon followed to mark the official arrival of ‘fast food’ in Brazil.

And that’s pretty much where things stood with burgers in Brazil for decades (and no, late-night, room service burgers from a five-star in Sao Paulo definitely do not count).

On the heels of a Brazilian trend

Things slowly began to change with the American arrival of Brazilian Steakhouses (Churrascarias) like Plataforma in New York and early Brazilian-based chains including Porcão.

The Brazilian idea of endless skewered grilled meats cut and served right at your table caught on and today most cities can lay claim to at least one or more Brazilian Steakhouses to choose from.

So many in fact, that competition forced the less popular Churrascarias to close and Brazilian entrepreneurs began to rethink their approach to Brazilian eateries in the USA.

A wave of new, more casual Brazilian restaurants is beginning to make its presence felt, and Brazilian burgers are a natural fit.

We have your next burger right here:

Click Here For Connect Brazil’s Guide To The Best Brazilian Bites and Burgers

Today’s Brazilian burgers run the gamut, from deliciously simple to multi-level burgers so elaborate that they are not for the faint of heart. Many are trendsetters: did you know that serving a burger with a fried egg on top is a decades-old Brazilian tradition?

Meats and grinds come into play, too.

From pure Angus coarse-ground beef to a blend of beef chuck, brisket, and short rib, pork or salmon, or veggie or vegan to the ultimate Brazilian burger, grilled from freshly ground prime picanha.

No burger you’ve ever eaten comes close.

Back home again in… Brazil, Indiana?

Connect Brazil’s Lifestyle Directory is ready to introduce you to the best Brazilian Bites and burgers to be found coast-to-coast. Please be mindful that different cities and states will have different reopening guidelines to follow.

And if you just can’t wait, head over to your nearest Burger King drive-through. Yep, Burger King is now owned by Brazilian billionaire Jorge Lemann.

There’s one in Brazil, and Indiana, too.

Brazilian Bites and Burgers: The Connect Brazil Guide

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