Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2022 includes Anitta, wearing a colorful comics-style sapndes bodysuit.
Brazil's Anitta is nominated for the Latin Grammy's Record Of The Year.

November’s Latin Grammy Nominations Have Been Announced

Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2022 await the winners’ announcements on Thursday, November 17th.

by Scott Adams

2022 marks Connect Brazil’s 30th anniversary. That’s considerably longer than the Latin Grammy Awards, which began in 2000. This year marks the 23rd edition of accolades for the best music created by the world’s Latin nations. This includes North and South America, The Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal.

But somehow, the rich musical cultures of Brazil and Portugal remain consistently under-represented. Those who cover the LGA will point to ‘market forces’ and they have a valid point.

The predominantly Spanish-centric focus is understandable. But it is not equitable for Brazil, the Latin world’s largest and most musical vibrant country.

Labels and artists won’t say that, but we will. You be the judge.

Last year, we wondered if a revelation had occurred. For the first time in recent memory, the Latin Grammy Awards list of nominees lists more properly reflected the music of Brazil.

This year, reality snapped back into place.

Let’s look at a few of Brazil’s 2022 entries, followed by the entire list.

Record of The Year

Brazil is in the hunt for the second year in a row, with a single entry here, from Anitta.

Album of the Year

No Brazilian entries for this category for 2022. Really?

Song of the Year

No Brazilian entries for this category for 2022.

Best New Artist

At 22, Clarissa Müller reached her “150,000 likes of fame” quickly. Less than a year ago, she kicked off her singing career with a self-titled EP and the song ‘Nada Contra (ciúmes)’ that went viral on TikTok. Now she’s planning a tour. Müller is an actress, an Instagram star, and a singer. She has earned more than 650,000 followers.

Best Latin Jazz/ Jazz Album

If you are looking for a battle of Brazilian jazz titans, look no further than this category. It is headlined by two supremely talented pianists, Antonio Adolfo and Eliane Elias. Adolfo’s annual recordings keep him in the news and at the top of the charts. Elias moves from strength to strength with her projects, which vary in focus to showcase he multifaceted talents. Antonio Adolfo’s entry for these awards is Jobim Forever, while Eliane Elias’s entry is her piano duets album, Mirror, Mirror with Chick Corea and Chucho Valdez.

Parbens and Boa Sorte to both.

Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2022

Record of the Year




Jorge Drexler & C. Tangana

Album of the Year

No Brazilian nominees

Song of the Year

No Brazilian nominees

New artist


Best Instrumental Album

Maxixe Samba Groove

Hamilton De Holanda

Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

Jobim Forever

Antonio Adolfo

Mirror Mirror

Eliane Elias, Chick Corea, Chucho Valdés

Best Christian Music Album (Portuguese Language)

Antes Da Terapia


O Samba e o Amor

Antonio Cirilo



És Tudo

Bruna Karla

Laboratório Do Groove

Eli Soares

Best Music Video Short Version

No Brazilian nominees

Best Contemporary Pop Album in the Portuguese Language

Sim Sim Sim

Bala Desejo

Pra Gente Acordar




De Primeira

Marina Sena

Doce 22

Luísa Sonza

Best Rock or Alternative Music Album in the Portuguese Language

Baco Exu Do Blues

O Futuro Pertence À … Jovem Guarda
Erasmo Carlos

Sobre Viver

Memórias (De Onde Eu Nunca Fui)

Delta Estácio Blues
Juçara Marçal

Best Samba/Pagode Album

Bons Ventos

Nego Alvaro

Mistura Homogênea

Martinho Da Vila


Alfredo Del-Penho, João Cavalcanti, Moyseis Marques e Pedro Miranda

Numanice #2


Céu Lilás


Best Brazilian Popular Music Album


Chico Chico

Síntese Do Lance

João Donato e Jards Macalé

Indigo Borboleta Anil


Nu Com A Minha Música

Ney Matogrosso


Marisa Monte

Meu Coco

Caetano Veloso

Best Sertaneja Music Album

Chitãozinho & Xororó Legado

Chitãozinho & Xororó



Expectativa X Realidade

Matheus & Kauan

Patroas 35%

Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraísa


Lauana Prado

Best Roots Music Album in the Portuguese Language

Afrocanto Das Nações

Mateus Aleluia

Na Estrada – Ao Vivo

Banda De Pau Corda Featuring Quinteto Violado

Remelexo Bom

Luiz Caldas

Belo Chico

Targino Gondim, Nilton Freittas, Roberto Malvezzi

Senhora Das Folhas

Áurea Martins


Iara Rennó

Senhora Estrada

Alceu Valença

Best Song in the Portuguese Language

‘Baby 95’

Liniker, Mahmundi, Tássia Reis & Tulipa Ruiz, songwriters (Liniker)


Jão, Pedro Tófani & Zebu, songwriters (Jão)

‘Me Corte Na Boca Do Céu A Morte Não Pede Perdão’

Criolo & Tropkillaz, songwriters (Criolo Featuring Milton Nascimento)

‘Meu Coco’

Caetano Veloso, songwriter (Caetano Veloso)

‘Por Supuesto’

Iuri Rio Branco & Marina Sena, songwriters (Marina Sena)

‘Vento Sardo’

Jorge Drexler & Marisa Monte, songwriters (Marisa Monte Featuring Jorge Drexler)

Brazil’s Latin Grammy nominees for 2022

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